Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Dancing Duo

I have to admit- I've felt off my game this week. With four therapy appointments plus music class and gymnastics class, I decided early Monday morning that what I REALLY wanted to do was stay home in my PJs all week, drink coffee, and play with my kids in the comfort of our home while basking in the cooler fall weather. Instead I found myself either running the kids to class or last minute hiding of clutter in hopes that the therapists didn't report my home as "too messy for children" (ha, I laughed even as I wrote that).

And then when Carter woke up with a slight cold and I felt my own throat scratch up in empathy, I wanted to give into the tiredness and stay in the warm embrace of my favorite sweatshirt. But we pushed through it. (Side note: at what point to you quarantine your kids for colds? If there is a slight sniffle- which let's face it could go on for months- is that cause to never go anywhere?) As the mother of two snotty-nosed toddlers (oh wait, did I just say that?) I want to make sure I get the etiquette part of this right.)

Anyway, we pressed on and went to music class (setting aside the instrument that Carter gnawed on for the teacher to sanitize). And honestly, even though all of these classes and therapies are so much work on my part, I am so glad that we are doing them- especially music class. They both seem to get so much out of it. And then this morning the kids were listening to the CD while I cleaned hid clutter for our last therapy appointment of the week, I looked in to see this:
AND Addison's speech and signs and behavior skills have taken off of late which could be a coincidence, but then again all of this extra "people" exposure she's been getting could be the reason for it.

I love that even though we only go to the class once a week, they are listening to the songs every day and getting quite familiar with the rhythms and establishing their own special dance moves. (-:

And now, now that our four therapy appointments and two classes are over for the week, it's time to take a little "me" writing time with Addison and Carter getting some playtime at their friend's house. The best part about writing being your job? You get to wear your favorite sweatshirt and no one comments on how ragged it is. Wearing comfort clothes while consuming some a bag of chocolate cookies and a cup pot of coffee while cursing at working on my manuscript = the perfect afternoon. (-:

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