Monday, September 10, 2012

Sometimes "Crazy" Can Be Profitable

It was Saturday afternoon. There was one hour remaining of nap time.
All was going well: a boring, sleepy nap time.

The kids snoozed peacefully while I tried to get as many chores done as possible. While I was painting over a spilled nail polish pink splotch in the bathroom, a sudden desire came upon  me to paint some more.

There's something so therapeutic about painting. It's you, the brush, a dab of paint, and the visual proof that you actually DID something.

All of my work lately is undone as soon as I do it. Pick up toys? Laundry? Dishes? Change diapers? Bath the babies? Make meals? POOF- they all need to be done again.

Before I could change my mind, I ran into the kitchen, emptied the cabinets as quickly as possible, and decided that TODAY WAS THE DAY. The brown cabinets that I had been complaining about for 3.5 years were going to go. Somewhere down the line we're going to expand the kitchen, gut it, and rebuild everything. Because of that "master plan" we have been replacing as little as possible so as not to do the work twice. But on Saturday as I realized that this "someday" was still years down the road, I decided that I didn't want to live with the brown cabinets

So, I painted them. (read- obsessed woman who barely took time to eat or sleep for the past three days)

I needed this weekend. A project, a paintbrush, my thoughts, a turned off computer. My thoughts were tripping all over the place, resolving issues, rethinking priorities, deciding "next steps", sorting through problems. With each swish of the brush, another piece of the puzzle fell into place.

I will be the first to admit- I am a TERRIBLE painter. Paint gets everywhere, and the finished product shouldn't be examined toooooo closely by any paint snobs (you know who you are), but I seriously love it. (yes I did sand them first. yes I did use two coats of primer. yes I did use two coats of paint...that was for Aaron)
before (1960s original)
 (Aaron is going to add another shelf in the empty space and take care of the tacky gray strip) Yes, I am a messy project doer. 
I painted the back of the cabinets a light gray because I had the paint left over from another project. Also, maybe it will be easier to keep clean than all white? I don't know why I didn't take any pictures of the other half of the kitchen...
I had to get the kitchen floor cleared of the large piles of stuff by 9am this morning since the therapists were coming through this room. This was my progress by 8:59am:
and then we ended up doing therapy outside....of course...
and then this afternoon- taking advantage of some childcare time, I tackled all the doors:
This is the current state of my kitchen...soooo close to being done. Tomorrow the new handles that I bought will go on and hopefully they will get hung. (and maybe then I will finally tidy up the rest of the countertops lol) Once that extra shelf is built, a lot of the stuff on the countertop will disappear. The walls need some mudding work, but hopefully they will be ready to paint later this week.  I'll post a before and after picture after it's all done. Progress:
I'm so glad that during therapy today the therapists wanted to take pictures of me signing stuff for a social book for Addison. I'm sure Rachel on Signing Time would jump to get a manicure like this one before her videos...(-:
Something about the white cabinets make me very happy, and it brightens up the whole room. Even though I'm bed right now, barely able to move and covered in paint from head to toe (this is not an exaggeration), I would say- worth it. (and Aaron- now would be a good time for you to take back the "THIS IS CRAZY" comment. I know you didn't really mean it) (-:

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