Friday, September 7, 2012


I have something to say, but first let me clear the air:

1. This has been a horrible week (see Monday's post and multiply it by Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) I won't go into details because while one post might be somewhat amusing, two posts is a theme, and then three is just downright complaining. I'll just leave it to your imagination and say TGIF with sincerity and an extra cup of coffee.

2. My site crashed this week. I'm so sorry if you had trouble getting my page to load. Combine a ton of traffic plus a post full of pictures, plus the theme of my week (Horrible with a capitol H), and you get a ginormous crash. Boy was that a great feeling. I think they should include that experience in some sort of spa package. Tense worry over something you created completely disappearing is such a delicious emotion. Maybe they should name a chocolate after it too? I think (fingers crossed) we are now past all of that. I will put the picture post back up shortly. I'm sorry for those of you who haven't been able to see it yet.

3. In addition to crashing my site, yesterday Feedburner sent out an email of one of the whiniest posts I wrote this summer when I was at my Writer's Conference. For those of you who had to read it again, I apologize. (It's one of those posts that I published and then tried to pretend that someone else wrote it. face palm.) Thank you for the sweet emails and encouragement that you emailed me in response to that post (being sent a second time)

OK, with that off my chest, I can now explain what I mean by graduation. I have just a few minutes of silence while the kids do this:
The kitchen had to be evacuated yesterday because of a bug invasion (I told you it was a bad week), and the kids have found a new playground (the bugs are now gone thanks to A Little Luxury)...don't worry I moved the knives and anything with a sharp edge.

I digress- graduation.

Addison walked at 26/27 months (full time, she messed around with it for a whole year) which meant that for the longest time it has been very difficult for me to leave my house because I've had to carry both my baby AND my toddler everywhere I go (for the past year and then add in the hugely pregnant me still carrying around Addison and then the 10 months before that...I have logged a lot of carry time every time I stepped foot out of my house). They are heavy, wiggly, and Vermont really needs to invest in some more drive throughs.

But on top of Addison's confidence and direction-following growth (thanks to gymnastics class????), Carter has now been a full time walker for a month. This week I realized that for short stints of walking, I can put them down, ask them to follow me AND THEY WILL, sort of. As much as toddlers will. (-: Or I can hold the hand of one walking while I carry the other. Or I can hold both of their hands while walking.

DO YOU REALIZE WHAT THIS MEANS?? For those of you shaking your heads, thinking that this week finally did in the last of my sanity, shake no more. This means just a little bit of freedom for me. Just a bit. Because now it isn't root-canal-painful to leave the house with both of them by myself. It's now just more like pulling out a regular tooth. YIPEEEEE!  Ok, I think you might have a point about that sanity thing.

With our new found freedom, we tried a new music class this week (more on this later) which both of the kids just LOVED (of course all of the pictures I took somehow got erased). We also went to a petting farm, and I was surprised to find my double jogging stroller all but unnecessary. Yes that is my beatific shadow in the lower right hand corner. Sometimes proof that you survived another day needs to be documented.
Walking into his birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse
 We've been going to the park a lot more because IT'S EASIER TO GET THERE!!! Fresh air has never smelled so sweet.
 Of course, increased mobility also means that grocery shopping now looks a lot more like this (yes, that is my jean clad leg they were grasping onto. Once again- proof of that day's survival):
 But we embrace the new challenges and say goodbye to the old. It's like a small graduation. No babyness left here. We're all toddler now. We worked hard to get here. (-:
this picture is from my instagram feed. Follow me? user name: eanfe

Happy Weekending to you! I'm raising my (now cold) cup of coffee to a beautiful fall weekend full of fun family memories.

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