Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dr. Eye M Wrong

Last summer, I dramatically announced how nearsighted Addison was, and I made a BIG deal over finding her just the right glasses (anyone remember this?)

Well, if you have seen one post or twenty, it's pretty obvious that Addison is never pictured wearing glasses. I get a lot of emails asking where Addison's glasses are, and to be honest I have felt like a very crummy mother every time I have thought about this rather sore subject.

Truth be told? Addison has REFUSED to wear them. I have tried everything with the help of four therapists and two Personal Care Assistants. EVERYTHING. It was rough getting her to wear them at the beginning, and then after her surgery (for the crossing) last November, it has been impossible. I'm not just being dramatic here. IMPOSSIBLE.

The eye doctor told me it was just because Addison's world is so close to her, she sees (haha) no reason to suffer through glasses in order to see farther out. Addison used to hold all of her toys and books very close to her face, but after the surgery I noticed that she stopped doing that. She started holding her books and toys at an arm's distance away. Her signing has also been taking off even though she supposedly shouldn't be able to see us signing unless we're right in her face.

When she got her orthotics, I thought it would be the same sort of struggle, but it's not been at all. Not only does she tolerate them, but she helps me put them on each day. Clearly, she recognizes their value (and no doubt she digs the babyleg leg warmers that she gets to wear lol)

I may be a newbie mother as green as they come, but I stopped trying to get Addison to wear her glasses months ago because I felt like Addison was telling me that something was wrong.

Today we went back in to see the same eye doctor that prescribed Addison's glasses last summer and did her surgery in November. I explained to her how much better Addison seems to be seeing. I asked her if the surgery could have helped her vision at all.

"No. That's impossible." she said
"Well, could her eyes have gotten better with time?"
"No, if anything they would get worse because nearsightedness is about the eyes lengthening."
"I really feel like she's seeing better than she was before the surgery."
"Probably because her world is so close to her, she hasn't exhibited all the symptoms of her extreme nearsightedness."
"But she used to hold her toys close to her face and now she holds them an arm's distance away."

after a quick examination she said

"That's because she sees perfectly in her left eye. She probably doesn't see the need for the glasses because she's just using one eye for everything."
"So her eyes got better?"
"No, that's impossible."
-insert confused face-
"But you just said she could see really well out of her left eye?"
"That's right. She could legally drive with the vision she has in her left eye" (let's not be visiting that subject anytime soon.)
"But you just said that they haven't gotten any better?"
"No, not at all."

Seriously this doctor is so exasperating. This same doctor told me last summer that Addison was extremely nearsighted in BOTH eyes- to the tune of not being able to see clearly beyond a couple of inches in front of her face.

I pulled out the glasses that SHE GAVE US last year, and then it was her turn to look confused as she saw the thick lens for both eyes.
"If we updated these glasses to compensate for a perfect vision left eye, do you think she would wear them?" I asked with only a hint of snideness (OK, define hint)

It was then she decided that we should patch that eye for 30 minutes a day, and in two weeks revisit the glasses discussion (but probably put it off for 6 months or a year). (btw, the glasses that she showed me that fit Addison's new face size are the EXACT shape of glasses that I looked all summer for last year. humph.)

Seriously I feel like all I do at this doctor's office is dance in circles. She never even admitted that she could have been wrong about the prescription last year, or that I had a point about Addison seeing so much better after the surgery. It was nice to hear her professional opinion that Addison not wearing glasses right now is a GOOD thing (thank you for that entire year of guilt, dear doctor), but she didn't give an explanation as to why her prescription this year was so drastically different than the one she gave this year with improvement being an "impossibility". Oh look, I guess 1+1 DOES equal purple.

We went to the appointment right after gymnastics, and Addison was looking cuter than a puppy bathed in rainbows and sprinkles.
before the surgery, she would only read with books pressed right up against her face
 Here's to forgetting about those pink little glasses that have been collecting dust...and planning to take our next eye exam in Boston...

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  1. So addison has prooved the impossible? May it be the first of many. :)


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