Monday, September 24, 2012

do you subscribe?

Last Friday I logged onto Facebook to see friends posting about how Feedburner had magically made all blog email subscriptions disappear.  While I was stressing about that, my younger sister called with a bunch of questions for me that I actually had to think about. While I was trying to talk to her, Carter fell into the corner of the dresser in his room and had THE meltdown of 2012. While I was trying to calm him (after hanging up the phone), I discovered that Addison had taken the liberty of smearing the contents of one of Carter's diapers all over the floor in his room. (sanitized-facepalm)

Some days are just like that I guess....but why do I share that delightful morning with you? (besides the obvious fact that I love to share...I'm thoughtful like that)

Those of you who subscribe via email got a rather random Feedblitz email notification this morning that you subscribe to Everything and Nothing from Essex. That is because after I cleaned up Addison and after Carter fell asleep, I had to switch the email subscription host for my site so that those of you who want to be notified of a new post via email were not left waiting....forever.

I hope you don't hate me for that lovely rather non-personal email. I'm really just trying to keep you all around (I guess I'm thoughtful AND selfish...what can I say?)

And just so this post isn't completely are some pics from the weekend. Two little people just happened to get their first haircuts. These pictures also make Carter look like he also had a tan removed...but that just comes from me being a reckless Instagram user (eanfe) and using too many different filters...#guilty
Addison did so great for her first haircut (which was really just a trim in hopes to encourage her hair growth) It has taken her almost 3 years to grow her hair this long:
and to celebrate her first haircut, she got her first sucker:
Carter also got a sucker, but since he almost immediately dropped it onto a giant hairball and yet still felt as though he should have it in his mouth, we're not going to talk about it....

we're just going to celebrate this beautiful fall weather...and the two little independent toddlers who (when they're not smearing "stuff" or banging up their heads) are just getting cuter and cuter every day (in my totally unbiased opinion) There, I just gave you million reasons to unsubscribe, but honesty is the best policy, right? (frequent use of exaggeration? reason #1,000,001)
Happy Monday...we hope you stick around...Please let me know if you can't see this post (oh wait...) if you can?
(see the chocolate around Addison's mouth? That's because she STOLE a chocolate cookie from a little girl in nursery yesterday...apparently all's fair in love, war, and chocolate-gathering)

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