Monday, August 20, 2012

On A Silver Platter

Unnamed person: "I think I have pneumonia!!! Call the doctor! Let's go to the ER! I'M DYING!"

Me: Spend the next hour on the phone trying to secure an appointment while "unnamed" lies on the couch squeezing his eyes shut and dramatically searching for that next breath.

One Hour Later
Unnamed person: Runs out into the rain to chat with someone for fifteen minutes in heavy downpour and then returns inside like he's Noah returning to the ark after a good swim

Me: "Um. Are you OK? You must be freezing! Why did you go outside when you're so sick?"

Unnamed person: "I'm good."

Me: "But you're all wet. Are you crazy?"

Unnamed person: "Never felt better." (Beats chest like a caveman)

I feel like I have ratted on my husband a lot lately, so I'll keep it vague today (oh, oops). I love him dearly, and he is a wonderful person, but he is the





He has been ill since Thursday, inducing a lot of "in sickness" curses (they trick you with putting that in the vows because you both look so fabulous in your wedding attire and sickness is the LAST thing on your mind) and dry comments of "I've never wanted you more" and "I wish I was wearing tennis shoes so that I could run to you faster".....

but yeah, I love him, so I tackle nurse duty like the best of them.

Unnamed person: "You have been just a saint these past few days"

Me: "I prefer goddess"

Unnamed person (you've figured out this is Aaron, right?): "Goddess then. Can you bring me some more ginger ale.....with sugar in it to take out the a mug.....on a silver platter...and maybe some more medicine....but then I'll need some more ginger ale to wash it down...with sugar in a mug...with maybe a cracker....and then some more ginger ale to wash the cracker down...with sugar in a mug....DON'T FORGET THE SILVER PLATTER!!!

OK, fine, I may have taken slight liberties with that last paragraph....he didn't want crackers...

I DO hope he is now on the upward mend now though. He so lovingly shared his flu with me, although I was only out from Saturday night until Sunday night (with some tiredness left over for today). This was really the first time I have been sick since pregnancy/sick with Carter. And with TWO  little babies who don't understand "I JUST WANT TO LAY ON THE COUCH AND WATCH YOU PLAY! STOP CLIMBING ON ME!" said in the sweetest of tones (of course) and whose needs continue unfazed...and who thought that the silver platter was meant for them to beat each other senseless instead of bringing ME crackers and ginger ale (how old before they will do this?)....I realized (not for the first time) just how difficult it is to be a mother. (I really think I want to wait until I'm older before I have any kids....I have decided)

Anyone else notice how motherhood is pretty much the only job that does not allow sick days??? Trying to keep up with the laundry and clean bottles and toy pick-up and EVERYTHING while feeling at 0% really made for a "WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO" moment. (sorry for all the dramatic caps, but how else am I supposed to show emphasis?)

I'm not complaining mind you...just stating a fact. (OK, I might be complaining a little....but this weekend was JUST that bad. In the spirit of trying to stay classy, I've spared you the gory details- you are welcome) Thankful for a MIL who does Tylenol/sick food grocery store runs and an afternoon of baby watching for a quicker recovery!

Some days weekends are just harder than others....but then when things take an upward turn....the sunlight has never shone so beautifully, the breeze has never felt so wonderful gliding through my house, clean laundry has never smelled so heavenly, the dry hallway has never been so luxuriously clean looking (don't ask), the children have never been cuter, and my husband's face temperature-free has never been so handsome.

Now let's just hope that the kids don't get sick.

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