Monday, August 27, 2012

NOT back-to-school from Addison

Well hello there. Addison here.

I'm hearing this buzz from friends and that all-consuming monster called Facebook that this weekend was the last free weekend before going back to school. Whatever that means.

I feel like I'm missing out on something exciting, but Mommy said that my time will come so I'm going to try that patience thing that seems to be such a big deal. Since I don't have pictures of a new backpack, sharp weapons called pencils (I NEED THESE!), fancy big-girl school shoes, or a picture of me smiling in front of a school bus next to my mother who is a weeping mess (you know she will be)- I'm going to share with you my awesome weekend. You are welcome.

This weekend I...

...went swinging.
I had a good time
if I do say so myself.
...I read a good book.
I just love it when I get sucked into a
tear jerker. Bring me some Kleenexes and chocolate and we've got a par-tay.
I climbed down the super fun front steps of my house for the last time, apparently
because I looked out this morning and saw this where those steps used to be. Dad said something about building a front deck with railings and place for "safe play". Sounds boring. Give me back the sharp edges and tumbling-off-the-top capacity of the old steps any day!
My request to run the jackhammer was denied. Sometimes my parents just suck all the fun right out of life.
So I watched the activity outside while fighting for my rights to window-watching space.
but I digress. This weekend...

...I hung out with this guy,
ate some good snacks,
explained the ways of the world,
tried to escape into that world,
gave lots of hugs and only squeezed so tightly mommy had to intervene a couple dozen times,
scouted for more snacks,
found some keys to hide,
and then pretended like I didn't have them.
So yeah, a pretty awesome weekend leading into a boring, normal Monday. sigh. I hope all of your excitingly thrilling back-to-school Mondays are going well. I will get there. Someday. Meanwhile I have to go rest up. I have a gymnastics class to crash tomorrow.

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