Wednesday, August 8, 2012

my day

I snuggled on the couch in-between two babies. Balanced carefully in my right hand was a white mug 1/3 of the way full of delicious, steaming coffee. I sipped slowly, smiled as wiggly bodies burrowed into my sides, and listened to Michael Buble croon on the feel-good Pandora station that I just switched to from the jump-and-dance toddler station that's usually on in the mornings at our house.

"Today is my birthday" I thought, reveling in the fact that I was still in my pajamas and the two aforementioned babies were clad only in diapers- the Target brand that I like with the fun green and blue polka dots.

I stared out the large picture window in our living room and idly noticed the clear blue sky and the greenness of our rolling yard with spots of brown signifying the long summer that was starting to wind to a close. I could feel the slight breeze wafting in from the open window and knew that this was going to be a beautiful day.

My 28th birthday. My belly was full of the sweet treat that I indulged in for breakfast, rationalizing it with my long run last night. The coffee slipped delightfully down and into the cracks of that sugary goodness.

I didn't want to move. I already finished my birthday chores (that should NOT be a thing) and both babies were fed. This moment was for being still, relishing the small things, and enjoying the feeling of satisfaction that came from knowing that today is my day.

Just then a chubby leg came out of nowhere, smacking against the white mug of choice, the carefully planned level of fullness in my coffee cup swishing over the edge, splashing onto my stomach and causing clench-your-teeth burns (in that second I regretted the extra reheating that I did to make it piping hot).

I jolted myself back to reality, noticing that in the minute that I was distracted by the coffee burns Carter climbed over me and onto Addison, using her face as a launching point to propel himself up over the edge of the couch. She beat him to it, planting one small foot in the middle of his broad chest, propelling him off the couch with a swift motion from her strong leg, smiling when she heard the smack of his body against the hardwood floors, wiping her hands to be done with that nuisance. Carter cried, not from pain from the fall (this kid is a brute), but rather from the humiliation of losing a round with his sister. He quickly stood and once again scaled the edge of the couch for another go at it.

In spite of the interruption to my still thoughts and spirit, I smiled at the crazy messiness of my life right now. Even a moment of reflection on the couch turns into chaos within minutes (good thing I can soak in those little details rather quickly...and really, what did I think would happen?). When I glanced down from my outside gazing, I saw the toys littering the floor and the crumbs on the picnic table calling loudly to each and every ant from outside to come in and play. The determined looks on both Addison's and Carter's faces gave away the fact that they were planning lots of trouble during every waking moment and refusal to sleep during scheduled nap time.

Yes indeed, "crazy messiness" best describes my life right now. But I am loving every frickin minute of it, and wouldn't want it any other way. Happy Birthday indeed. My two little gifts- coffee burns and all- are the best part of my day.


  1. Happy belated birthday, Deanna!!.
    Hope you had a wonderful day ( despite all, ahem) ;)
    Big kiss :)


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