Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gymnastics Class #3

You know those moments of euphoria when you are so overwhelmed with love and pride for your child that every bit of kicking and screaming- crying and wailing- frustration and fear- all of it was worth it just for that one moment?

That was me today in class as I stared at my child who set out to prove me wrong- who CAN follow an obstacle course with children her own age without pitching a fit- who CAN follow simple directions to "climb" "walk" and "jump"- who CAN throw herself as a willing participant into a class environment and have a good time.
 I watched her small form climb another obstacle, both literally and figuratively, and I wondered why I  ever doubted her. A tiny voice in the back of my head told me that there will still be moments like last week. Lots of them. Probably starting in next week's class.
But I shushed the voice because I wanted to enjoy this beautiful moment of watching my daughter enjoy a gymnastics class with her peers. I wanted to cry with joy when I said "climb this one next" and she did. I wanted to weep with astonishment when her friend led the way and said "follow me Addison!" and she did. I wanted to scoop up my little girl who was acting more little girl than baby, hugging, kissing, and telling her over and over again how proud I am of her.

I heard the voice of the behavior therapist next to me say that although this is hard work for her, Addison will learn a lot very quickly as a part of this class. Together we marked out a plan to tackle "wait time" problems- the only time that Addison bridged into acting out today.
I thought through how she has already grown over these past three classes, noted what worked to help her and what didn't, and I couldn't help but think about the many other challenges still facing her in life.
And yet because of today- instead of seeing the normal doubt and fear and worry, I picture her sitting cross legged on her mat saying "Challenge Accepted"just like she tackled today's gymnastics class after all of this week's preparation:

We arrived 15 minutes early for her to explore the course before class started, the big girl camp class wasn't happening in the same room (like it was last week), Addison was stuffed with enough breakfast for two little girls, and we practiced our at-home obstacle course almost every day this week.

When set up for success? Addison delivers in an euphoric, awe-inducing, inspirational way. Well, I think so anyway. (-:

Now if you will please excuse me, I need to go make a chocolate something for a certain little someone to wake up to after nap time...


  1. So awesome!! Way to go Addison and mama too!! I'll be over for some chocolate goodness!

    Jennifer :)

  2. Love these moments! So happy for you all.


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