Friday, July 6, 2012

Wheels on The Bus According to Addison

After yesterday's rant post, I figured something lighter and celebratory was in order. Thus, when Addison started majorly showing off her "Wheels on a Bus" signs this morning, I grabbed the camera and tried to catch them on video. Her response time during conversation is very delayed, but when it comes to music, she seems to respond faster. I only had to prompt her on "Baby" (as you hear my melodious-HA-voice cut into the action)

Watch for her signs (in all caps). She does them all very quickly.

First she does WIPERS on the bus (turning because she was camera shy)
DOORS open and shut (which she does with her hands)
HORN goes beep beep beep (normally she does this more distinctly, but this was the only taping that even remotely captured all of her signs)
(she doesn't know the MONEY one yet...not in our usual version)
BABY goes wa wa wa
MOM goes shh shh shh
and then you see her start to sign SLEEP after she was done. (-:

She's worked very hard to learn the signs to this song, and I was surprised when she changed from sign to sign so quickly along with the music (all on her own!) this morning.

Although why am I still surprised at her accomplishments?

A is for Addison....and Amazing (yup, proud mommy here)

please excuse my HORRIBLE videography skills...Action starts around :18


  1. Beautiful. She's got the "I'm a cute girl and know it look" ... Love!

  2. Beautiful. She's got the "I'm a cute girl and know it look" ... Love!


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