Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Meeting Goals In a Big Way

Monday morning:
Yesterday morning we had Addison's 6 month evaluation. We do these every 6 months (duh) with all of her therapists and case workers who facilitate Addison's care. We go over the goals we made for her at the last appointment and check to see how she's doing in her therapy appointments. Sometimes it's easy to lose the big picture because we're focused on the week to week, so these meetings can be good (and rather overwhelming at times).

I was floored when one of our goals from January was "Addison will be able to walk two to three steps consecutively without holding on to anything" and another "Addison will be able to pull herself to a standing position from the ground with no help 50% of the time"

As these goals were read, Addison was running circles around the living room, tearing papers from therapists hands and checking out the bead design on different sandals, and then taking off to different rooms to retrieve better toys. It's hard to believe that six months ago I was afraid she wouldn't be able to take THREE STEPS in a row because of how effortlessly she gets around now. Once Addison learns a new skill, it's difficult to look back and remember her NOT doing it at some point. Yes, it might take her a bit longer to get there, but once she's there, she does it as well as anyone else!

After ten minutes, Addison walked over to the door, looked over her shoulder and signed


She turned to the group of therapist and signed

"Thank you"

and then walked toward them signing


just as we got to the goal "Addison will be able to communicate her wants and needs through a variety of signs and speech"

Um, yeah.

And some of the team only sees her every six months, so you have to remember that only a few meetings ago one our goals was "Addison will be able to breathe without the aide of her nasal cannula 100% of the time"

Goal Exceeded.
The only goal that we set 6 months ago that Addison still struggles with is using a sippy cup, straw, or a regular cup. Sister loves her bottle and doesn't want to say goodbye to it anytime soon. Of all of our goals for her, this is the one that I'm the most OK with her not meeting. I guess because I have two babies on bottles? I don't know, but I'm hoping that I will be able to wean them both off at the same time. (fingers crossed) This of course means that Addison MUST start using a cup of some sort. hmmmmm. Our next step is to buy her a Reflo cup. Anyone else use these?

The thing that completely freaked me out was discussion of her transition from in-home therapy to a EEE program in a local preschool come February (when she turns 3). She will have an IEP and possibly an aide with her during class.

The thought of her going to (part-time) preschool doesn't scare me. But the thought of her being around other children her age- opening the door for possible rejection and activities that she doesn't understand? That terrifies me. 

We'll be meeting with the head of the preschool in September and possibly visit a class or two to see what we're getting ourselves into.
Meanwhile? We're taking a short therapy break in August so we can use those mornings to try something new- like Dance Class and Gymnastics stuff. At first I worried about the break being a bad thing, but they said that if she makes any regression in behavior, we can document it to prove to the EEE program that Addison needs services throughout the entire summer next summer. I hadn't thought of it that way before as we really haven't had a break for more than a week since we started (when Addison was 6 weeks old)

Of course immediately after the appointment she did this:
 and signed "bed"
and then slept from 11-3:30 and then went to the doctor for a temperature of 101.9 and then slept 15 hours last night....so apparently the thought of preschool freaks her out too. Thankfully we have a lot of time to adjust.

(Please feel better soon, Addison!)

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  1. Maria from SpainJuly 24, 2012 at 1:19 PM

    Missed you last week Deanna !!. I'm cracking up with Addison signing door, thank you and goodbye. Hope she gets well soon. Did I tell you that I love Carter's new hairstyle?. :)


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