Friday, June 15, 2012

My Big News

NO, I AM NOT PREGNANT (I felt like I should lead with that)

This is some book news- well, sort of. I have been sitting on this news for well over a month, but I have been scared to say it out loud because I didn't want to jinx the opportunity away (yeah, I'm super spiritual like that)

For the last two years I have been taking baby steps in the way of writing an actual work of fiction. In exactly one month, I will be taking the biggest step yet- attending my first week-long Writer's Conference... New Mexico.

Many have asked me if this is my ebook- NO! My ebook was put together as a way for me to say goodbye to the phase in my life where I erroneously thought Down syndrome was the worst thing that could happen to a person. I compiled my thoughts from the journey with the hope that by sharing them I could help someone else in the same place because it is not easy.

The ebook is NOT an official memoir. It is simply an expression that I needed to make in a therapeutic way.

Because of the growth I have made in the last year in writing style, the editing help I've received, and agent meetings coming up- the ebook will only be available for another month. July 15th I will be removing it from Amazon with hopes that someday I can go back to it and make it into an official memoir. But I'm not there yet, so it's going to sit silent while I work on the next stage of my novel.

To sum up? NOVEL and EBOOK - two separate things.

My big news pertains to the NOVEL.

This blog has definitely been getting my second best the last month or so while I revise my book in preparation for the conference. I spend hours every day shaping characters and scenes and plot lines. By the time I'm able to post here, I'm afraid my words stumble more than usual. But I'm not going anywhere. I promise.

I'm beyond excited about my opportunity in New Mexico to learn more about writing as well as to do a bit of in person agent shopping. And yet- I'm terrified. I'm afraid to hope and dream, and yet I've worked so hard to get to this point that I can't do anything else.

Many times over the past two years I've wanted to quit and focus only on my full time career of mothering. And yet each time something happened to nudge me forward to that next baby step- giving me the opportunity to both mother and write. I am beyond thankful.

Also, I can't tell you how many times I have thought about shutting down this blog and enjoying my children's pictures and stories a bit more privately. But because my book work was progressing, I felt that my blog work needed to continue as well in order to build an audience that would make my book publishable.

So I am still here. And I still have a lot to say.

Because of the agent/publisher side of things, I will probably be doing some promotional giveaway/competition sort of things in the next months. And if you were to share a post here and there? I would no doubt love you forever. Self-promotion sounds like an ugly thing, and yet it's the thing to get you to the place where your words make a difference. The novel that I have written is on the topic of life worth, deserving love, perfection and disability. So yes, I am working my fingers into a daily cramp with the hopes of getting this mama's perspective into the right hands via this novel.

And if you read this blog regularly but don't follow? Now would be an awesome time for you to do that. Hint: if you are a fb follower, you get sneak peeks of awesome pictures.
like this one:
And if you have an aunt or a grandma or a best friend or an online acquaintance or a pet gorilla or ANYBODY who isn't a follower- I would also love you forever if you suggested they head over this way to show a bit of follow love. (See, I never do this because I HATE IT....but faith in the difference my book could make is enough to stick my neck here I am)

I would love whatever you can spare as far as good thoughts, prayers for concentration ability (as I have a lot of revision work left to do on my manuscript between now and then), and well wishes on making the right connections once I arrive at the conference (July 15).

Falling off this cliff is frightening and there isn't a trampoline at the bottom to catch me like there is in the cartoons. What's with that????

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