Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What Every Woman Needs

Addison has turned into a crazy walking machine. Since she started cruising on furniture exactly one year ago, you can imagine how this full time walker status has been a MUCH anticipated event. (my back would like to insert a sound "AMEN" here)

Yesterday, I was ECSTATIC that she walked alongside the grocery cart carrying her purse for TWO grocery store stops (lighting up like dessert on fire every time we came near to a candy aisle-girl knows what she wants.)

Why the purse, you might ask? Holding something in front of her helps balance her and provides a focus point for her stepping. She LOVES to walk with her purse. (today in the middle of therapy, she decisively picked up her purse, walked to the door, and waved "good-bye" before attempting to open the door by herself)

Today while I was sharing Addison's breakthrough walking status with her PT, Addison walked the purse over to her, signed "help" and then "open".

The PT glanced down at the purse, opened it, and peered inside.

Seeing Addison's carryaround stash- a diaper and a granola bar, her PT said in all seriousness,

"This is all any woman needs in her purse- something to eat and a diaper."

In the list of The 100 Most Unexpected Things To Be Said During Therapy this ranks in the top ten.

Stunned silence merged seamlessly into hysterical laughter as Addison's OT and I realized that she was NOT kidding. lol. Who said therapy was boring? 

Now, if you excuse me, I'm off to re-examine the contents of my OWN purse after those words of wisdom.

So proud of this little girl. I can't remember why I once thought she would ruin my life.

is the cherry of awesomeness on the ice cream sundae of happiness.
(Pretty sure several people almost fainted from 'adorable overload' when they saw this ball of cuteness come sailing by them.) (-:

Happy Tuesday!

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