Monday, May 21, 2012


Please tell me I'm not the only one...

Who realizes at the start of a busy day that CLEARLY little boy is in a lot of pain. He's grabbing his ear; he's not interested in food(!); he's crying; he's screaming. He yelled bloody murder when he heard the vacuum- he is hurting!


Who remains hold forever with the nurse at the Pediatrician's office feeling stress levels rise to stroke setting while missing Addison's therapy in the next room. MUST HELP BABY!

Who cuts sister's therapy short to RUN the hurting boy and sister to the doctor.

"I WANT THE DRUGS!!!" You hear him scream in anguish.

Who chases Addison down the hallway of the waiting room soooo many times that you finally put her in the large wooden toy bin to contain her curious self so that you can sit quietly and comfort the one who is suffering. Large blue eyes stare helplessly at you full of tears and a warm little body digs deep into the cuddle.

Who drags Addison down the hallway (exhausted from therapy) by one arm and cradles the sick boy in the other.

Who watches the little boy who had been screaming for the past two hours suddenly be as happy as Addison when she gets her grubby paws on chocolate.

Who stares in disbelief as he smiles, coos, talks to and charms the doctor. WHAT?

Who hears the doctor say that nothing is wrong with him except for a slight sniffle.

Who realizes that their precious little angel was actually ACTING OUT!

Whose heart is broken at the thought of the formerly innocent little boy dipping a chubby toe into the waters of TROUBLE.

Who is cranky, tired, and feeling like a fool for running an EMERGENCY visit to the doctor for the child who was only communicating anger that he wasn't getting EXACTLY what he wanted WHEN he wanted it.

Please tell me.

I'm not the only one.

p.s. this may or may not have happened this morning.


  1. Maria from SpainMay 21, 2012 at 5:35 PM

    If I had a baby with the same " symptoms", I'd have run to the hospital too. I 'm still waiting for a manual on how to interpret babies' behaviour. Wish I'd been there to give you a hand...

  2. You're not the only one-been there too!!

  3. You're not alone! My 15-week-old went on a 25-hour hunger strike on Wednesday. Wouldn't eat at all and screamed for hours. I finally took him to the ER...and he promptly stopped screaming and ate. The worst was the patronizing doctor, who suggested I take a breast-feeding class. Because apparently after 15 weeks of successfully nursing my baby, I just forgot how?!


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