Friday, May 4, 2012

A picture is worth whichever 1,000 words you want

I had big plans for today. Running with a friend, basement organization, laundry progress...

but then after Addison's orthotic appointment this morning (four more pairs of socks on the way YAY!), I just started feeling really crummy.

So I cancelled it all and played with the kids while the house fell to pieces around me (don't you just love those days?). They were playing so sweetly together that I eventually just reclined on the couch and messed around with some of their pictures to keep myself awake.

Still not feeling the greatest.

But some of picture editing made me laugh, so it was a welcome relief.

I hope they make you laugh. or at least smile. And that you don't get sick (and that "crummy" goes away for me after a good night's sleep)

without further ado....

Happy Weekend!

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