Sunday, May 20, 2012

Daddy, Mowers, and Mommy's Awesome Hat

To my husband:

These past two years of parenting have been difficult years (NOT because of you....they were just hard years. You were my rock, of course).

 I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for how hard you work to take care of us. You do so much behind the scenes that we'll never know about, and you're constantly striving for excellence no matter how diligently you have to work to get there.

You are very passionate about what you do, and I hope that our children will be the same way about whatever path they choose.
I know you want to have them start working for you SUPER young...but how about let's wait until he's tall enough to not have to ride in that little bag. Hmmmm?
Based on his response, it looks like he might be pretty excited to finally be able to work with you. (That's Addison in the background scrapping her belly to get down the stairs faster so that she can have a turn. She's such a Daddy's girl.)
Clearly, she made good use of her turn. Did you leave a little chocolate pick-me-up on the bottom of the bag or something?
Yes, it's a girl after my own heart who prefers to sit on the sidelines verbalizing witty banter rather than mowing the lawn with the boys....
So hubs, thank you. You take excellent care of us, and you set an amazing example for our children to follow. We appreciate you!

Oh, and while I have your attention. The hat I bought last week that you said "1918 called and they want their hat back"??????

WRONG. Nothing is more trendy and hip than this hat. (hehe)
I'm sure when we go to Maine next weekend you'll be embarrassed to see that all of the ultra cool teenagers on the beach will be wearing the EXACT SAME HAT! (but just in case, I guess I'll buy a back-up know, so those teens don't feel bad to be shown up so royally up by an aging 27 year old.)

Wait, what were we talking about??????

No clue. I guess those aging genes have more control than I thought...

Love you!

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