Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Twinsies in the Sand

 Living in the Northeast, there is an entire chunk of the year where outside playtime is rather limited, sadly.

This year dealing with temps in the high 80s in April (insert gasp of surprise here)- we were more than thrilled to begin our outside playtime with the twinsies yesterday.
 Miss Addison wasn't the biggest fan of the sand, but wanted to sit next to the sandbox and have a book read to her over and over. (doesn't she look so grown up here?)
 But she was a good sport when "put" in the sand box.
 well, for the most part.
Some days I am just overwhelmed by the awesomeness of motherhood. Yesterday afternoon playing in the sandbox was one of those moments.

 I wonder how I survived before I became a mother. I seriously can't remember any other life.

Love these two.
 Being super smart, Addison quickly found a sandbox without any sand. lol.
 She was more than pleased with herself. ha. (yes, that is sand on her chin, from sampling, of course)
What a ham.

So excited for many more outside play opportunities over the next summer months (especially since they both came back inside just exhausted after only about 15 minutes outside. Extra naps? Why yes, thank you!)

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  1. Love love the first pic of both of them looking at the camera. Both of their faces are priceless


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