Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mary had a little lamb

Except her name was really Addison...and she kissed the lamb on the lips...and by lamb I mean big angry mama sheep (unfortunately I did not capture this on film)

Because of so many requests...

a few pictures of Addison.

During physical therapy this week:
After a particularly successful trip to Costco (and by successful, I mean that Addison located the diaper bag's stash of m&ms while I was unloading the groceries):


meeting a brand new little lamb:
after staring for a minute, she gave sweet hugs totally of her own accord
and then held her new friend.
She seems to have a thing for animals. sigh. I think we're going to have to get her a pet. (not a cat since Aaron is allergic, not anything that will shed, something that will eat up all the crumbs off the floor, something good with babies, something that doesn't need a fence...yikes. a crumb-eating pet rock?)
Her super awesome friends. Right next to her is her NICU buddy. Hard to believe how much they've grown since their isolettes were side by side(ish)! and next two him? Two of the best girlfriends that any little girl could ask for. (-:
Unfortunately those are some of the only pictures I have from the visit to the farm. At the time, I sensed that juggling two babies and keeping the camera (and Addison) from falling into the large pile of llama poo was more important than a photoshoot.....I know, clearly my priorities are all wrong. A picture of Addison in llama poo would have been simply priceless (and way too disgusting for me)

p.s. be proud- the special sock count is still at four matched pairs. YAY! thanks for all of the suggestions. Glad to know so many people that can help me with my woes. (-:

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