Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Big and Little

Let me begin by saying that the titles "Big Sister" and "Little Brother" shall henceforth not refer to size.
This morning when Addison was sweetly sitting on the floor playing with her blocks and bully Carter came swooping in right over top of her with his walker (no doubt just to get closer to her, NOT to knock her over and run over her hand like he did). She has just begin to realize that the bullying that she has been dishing out for the past seven months (WHAT???) can now be returned by an equally sized sibling who is becoming increasingly more mobile.
She doesn't seem too nervous about it.
or does she?
I'm not sure your innocent act is fooling anyone, Miss Addison. But it was nice to see you apologize to your brother (for now).
Happy Wednesday to all of you.

I'm attempting to do some housecleaning today, but am having a hard time getting started (if you have any advice for me, PLEASE leave it on my facebook page.) The pick-ups and wipe downs I can do, but for some reason the badly needed deep cleaning is escaping me. I need inspiration. Oh, and pretty sure I have a post writing itself in my head about the constant need to do EVERYTHING a million times with two tiny people undoing it as fast as it's finished. This post is hysterically funny-and sarcastic. Well, it totally is in my head anyway. No doubt it will come out flat and whiny, but I'm getting a nice chuckle out of it envisioning it. For now? Enough time has been spent procrastinating. Time to CLEAN while the children serenely sleep, dreaming up this afternoon's portion of trouble.

Oh, and THANK you for sharing with me your experiences on a child with special needs and schedule. It really does sound like perhaps more of an individual preference with a slight hint of an age thing (as well as first-born?). And also- glad to know I'm not the only one who struggles in this area. Empathy sometimes is even better than chocolate. Thank you!

-if you're wondering about the rather unique onesies that A and C are wearing, come back tomorrow for a special giveaway (yes, trying something NEW here. Let's see how it goes...)


  1. Oh, dear, looks like Addison's about to get a dose of her own medicine!! Love, love, love the pics.

    Sorry, I'm not much of a cleaner - can't help you with your chores. I'm definitely a much better whiner. :-(

  2. Carter is getting so big! It looks like he is as big if not bigger than Addison. As always Addison is her cute sweet self.

  3. I hear ya on the size thing, Emily's little bro is about to catch up to her in height and weight and she is almost 3 and he just turned 1...she's been dishing it out quite well and you know what they say about payback ;-)

  4. Have you heard of the website ? She is hosting a 4 week spring cleaning series. She gives several "chores" to do, highlighting one as the main chore, for those whose schedules won't allow getting all tasks done. She also suggests (so far) to find 7things to get rid of...either trash, recycle, sell, etc. Plus she finds fantastic deals and ways to save $$$$!

  5. Haha, the pictures on here are fabulous! I just get a kick out of all Addisons expressions! Looks to me that Carter is bigger than her!! Man, once that little guy is mobile your life will get a million times busier...Can't wait for the blog posts then!!

  6. these pictures are HILARIOUS deanna!! :)

  7. I swear I had this post open for several hours yesterday but with 4 little ones running around my house it never got read! Carter is about to give her a taste of her own medicine but something tells me it will be enjoyed and most likely the cause of lots of laughter! Every time I think one of the boys has hurt or is hurting the other one and I step in they usually get upset that I broke up their fun!

  8. Oh F Addison is cute. Like STEAL HER WHILE SHE SLEEPS cute. You should be afraid of me.

    That last picture of her made me want to be a better person. I'm not sure why. Maybe I won't steal her afterall.

  9. We are in the same boat size wise (and cleaning wise too, but I'm no more inspired than you are!). Bridget weighed 10 lbs at her 1 month check up. I think Claire hit that around 4 months. Kinda strange to have a kid in the 70-80% for weight and height.


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