Thursday, March 1, 2012

the plague

 This week I will not be winning any blogging awards, motherhood/superwoman awards, most loving wife awards, sanitize house/laundry washing awards...

but I have survived until Thursday which for this week equals SUCCESS (yes, in all caps)

As per my last post that undoubtedly made very little sense as it was typed after very little sleep and posted with very little proofreading as the next crisis was arising...

sickness has descended upon our family.

well, not the whole family. Just Addison (in a BIG way) and Aaron.

Add in a Carter, who is needy even when he is well, and you get THREE needy babies people that I love.

So my week has been spent constantly cleaning up Addison...trying to get her to drink SOMETHING and holding her nonstop as she cried every time she was put down (while keeping her away from Carter), feeding/diapering/playing with Carter, delivering jello and ginger ale to the master bedroom and checking to make sure Aaron was still breathing, using the sanitizing mode on my washer more than I ever have, and wiping down EVERYTHING in the house with disinfectant wipes over and over again (steam moping everything!) and constantly washing my hands....praying that Carter and I could avoid the plague. (yet again, a paragraph that makes practically NO SENSE at all...gonna claim the sleep card once again)
so yeah. I hope all of you are staying healthy...we haven't been so lucky ourselves over here.

...just dropping in briefly to explain our absence. Haven't forgotten about any of you (or the need to return emails)...just overwhelmed by slightly more pressing issues at hand.

will hopefully be back up and running by next week (if this doesn't hit me by the weekend!)

hoping for my happy family to be back again soon.

p.s. what are some foods that include a lot of water? Addison is now refusing her bottle as it reminds her of vomiting...will not drink out of a sippy cup...out of a straw...or out of a normal cup. trying to avoid dehydration...
So far I have watermelon and jello on my list


  1. Oh those last two pictures are so sad. Hope your family is feeling better soon and that you don't get it!

  2. try applesauce
    and that pic of Addison is so sad yet adorably funny..

  3. Watermelon is good. If she'll eat it... Ice cream. Healthy, I know. Um. Grapes. That's a tough one. Poor baby. Poor all of you.

  4. Oh poor thing. She looks so sick.

  5. try the pedialyte pops and if that doesn't work, force a syringe full in her mouth every 30 minute to an hour. We took our DD to the ER last year with the worst funk ever and that is what they told us to do. I wouldn't have thought about it, but it worked. Hope everyone is feeling better very quickly and that the rest of you don't get it.

  6. popsicles...applesauce...even two Tablespoons of apple juice or clear chicken broth (with a syringe if needed) every twenty minutes helps.
    Poor thing !!

  7. Yoghurt, soupe,

    Hopefully your family is feeling better soon!

    lots of Love


  8. I agree..worst plague ever, and with the syringe idea. I got so dehydrated that I had terrible dizzy/spinning spells on top of everything else. :( Had to make myself sip "something" every 15 minutes and it helped tremendously to get on the road to recovery. Please let me know if you need anything, Deanna.

  9. Any kind of fruits and vegetables; soup with small pasta. But avoid fruits and vegetables if they have diarrhea.

    Addison looks soooo cute even when sickie... Get rest during the weekend, Supermom.

  10. Mandarin oranges and Popsicles.

  11. You could blend juices or other drinks with ice cubes, into a slushie of some kind. That way you can let her 'eat' her liquids, and they get less sugar that way, too.

    Good luck!

  12. Have been praying for you and your family.

  13. Oh, Deanna!! I am SO sorry. It's awful. We all (except Gloria) had it a month ago. I thought we'd die.

    I finally got KM to eat pureed ice chips with a spoon. Then clear broth. But for like three days she ate almost entirely nothing.

    Praying for you!

  14. Urgh! Poor mama, that sucks!

    Applesauce, water, any of those kids' fruit squeezie packs...

  15. I would try popsicles, frozen strawberries that are thawed but still really cold. Works with my kiddos. Hope this passes soon!


  16. Pedialyte and chicken broth are the best things!! Then solid foods as tolerated. Stay away from sugar as much as possible. It will only make immune system work harder.

  17. Oh... poor little family! And poor Addison. My heart can barely stand it when Cora is sick. Probably why I am still having a hard time not spoiling her after her month of misery. Good ideas above. I'd say popsicles are a good idea. Not sure if you have the time or the molds, but homemade ones can have whatever you like in them.

  18. Bless y'alls hearts! So tough having sick kiddos (yes, hubby is a kiddo when sick). Try popsicles! My girl loves a fruit popsicle when she's not feeling great. Hope everyone gets to feeling better very soon!

  19. Poor Addison! She looks pitiful! Hope they get to feeling better soon! I think someone already said it, but I would try chicken broth, applesauce, and Popsicles. Also, most fruits and vegetables have high water content so anything you can get her to eat will probably help. But when I'm sick, I always want crackers: usually SAltines, but in a little one's case, Goldfish or Cheezits would work as well to possibly settle her stomach. Bonus: the salt in the crackers might make her thirsty and cause her to take a drink.

  20. Ive heard of people grinding ice cubes into fine pieces or chunks and calling it "snow" so the little ones will eat it.

    Here's hoping your lovies get better (and that you don't get sick!!)


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