Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Making Limeade Out Of Limes

(Yes....lemonade would have been far too cliche...hehe)

I have gotten a lot of traffic on this blog the past week.

Not because I'm such a sensational blogger or writer or mom.

I have been working to raise awareness- for our kids- for Down syndrome- for life. (Thus I've laid off of my usual "motherhood is so hard whine whine whine" posts. You're welcome.)

But perhaps you're already aware of what a life with Down syndrome is worth, and you are frustrated because you feel that there's nothing that YOU can do to help.

Well, remembered how I mentioned yesterday that there are long waiting lists to adopt children with Down syndrome? Well, there is an organization called Reece's Rainbow (recently featured on abc news) that matches families up with children who need a home.

They also raise awareness, provide support and fundraise.

As you might already know, it can take these families quite a bit of time to come up with the cash necessary for adoption- while the highly wanted child sits in an orphanage waiting to begin truly living (I'm speaking now of the situation in Eastern Europe).

My friend Patti over at A Perfect Lily tirelessly blogs and fundraises to help these families get the cash needed so that they can walk into the orphanage, grab the lonely hand and say

"We are your parents. We want to welcome you to a new life of acceptance and love."

Everything and Nothing from Essex is not a fundraising blog. But because of all the extra traffic, my hearts beats faster at the thought that perhaps I could help this little girl:
come home to her family that is waiting with outstretched arms ready to love.

Get this- they have been fundraising for over a year. Can you imagine?

Patti is the host of this giveaway, but I am tagging along (to bug her- mostly) but also to help if at all possible.

You really should check it out. (please please please)

Maybe we can't help whatever emotional scars will be in the future of the little girl regarding the lawsuit. But we CAN help Albina come home if we all just chip in a couple of dollars.

Maybe something good can come of the publicity/controversy of the whole lawsuit situation.

Maybe it help Albina be fully funded and COME HOME.

Please. DO something.

Read more about the give away on Patti's blog.

I don't have a lot to give. But if I give a little and you give a little and all of Patti's readers give a little- this girl can come home.

Let's turn a sensational/controversial/sad, sad story into a rescue.

Are you ready to help make a difference?

Do it for World Down Syndrome Day.

Do it for the little girl in Oregon.

Do it for Addison.

Thank you.

(and don't worry, regular scheduled programing will return soon....but meanwhile let's help this family get this little girl HOME!)


  1. Awesome! I am constantly surprised at the readers I have that donate- some I have never met in real life. Thank you for using your platform to do so much good.

    When you are ready to use it for evil, let me know. We could join forces.

    And that part about not being a great blogger is full on crap. Your blog is fantastic.

    Happy WDSD!

  2. If you need a good giveaway, may I suggest a copy of Angel Unaware by Dale Evans Rogers. they would love it.

  3. Well I thought so. I put you in my reader bc it's not going through here.

  4. I have been following Albina's story for a year now. I am so happy to see you and Patti bringing about awareness. Thank you.

  5. Saw this on Patti's this morning - Love what you guys are doing!

  6. I love Reece's Rainbow. What a wonderful organization! Thanks for using your blogger notoriety for good =D

  7. Thanks for helping the Jolly's!! I've gotten to know sweet little Albina's mama, and I can't wait for her to be home and blossoming and growing!! :) Thanks so much to bloggers like, you, Patti and Lexi (and SO many more!) - for helping out adopting families like us! We appreciate the support SO much!!! :)

  8. Thanks for spreading the word! We are trying to get prepared for the adoption process for a little girl with Down's in Bulgaria, Lord willing... so stories like this always touch us. I'm a follower now! :)

  9. I'm a follower :) Your sense of humor is great!!!

  10. I already follow you but I was honored to donate. What an incredible story {and ministry}. Thanks for sharing!

  11. So happy to come upon both your and Patti's blog! Thank you so much for all you are doing for Albina and for all DS children! Happy Down Syndrome Day!

  12. Coming over from Patti's blog - and loving it!

  13. I've been dropping in for a while now and will now official start following. Thanks for helping the orphans!

  14. Been reading beautiful stories of beautiful families blessed by Down Syndrome this week! Just became a follower. Hoping that Albina comes home soon!

  15. Thanks for sharing!!! What an awesome chance to make a difference and bring joy to so many lives!

  16. Donated and now following your blog.

  17. Officially following your blog (although I've read for a while now). Can't wait to see the totals from Albina's fundraiser!!
    -Tami in MT

  18. The give-away for Albina has prompted me from sometimes-lurker to follower of your blog. I think it's a good move :)

  19. I am a new follower..and donated to bring that sweet little girl home!!

  20. I have met Albina and may see her next week again. I blogged about this fabulous giveaway on my blog, and I cannot wait to see her come home!


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