Thursday, March 22, 2012

free ebook

I realize I have been in your face waaaaay too much this week.  A short bloggy vacation until next week will mostly likely ensue.


In light of the Down Syndrome Awareness themed week here on Everything and Nothing- my ebook Dreams Change is free today and tomorrow.

It's kind of like welcoming late birthday presents because then your birthday isn't over until you get them (no? I'm the only one!?). I guess this is my way of extending World Down Syndrome Day just a touch longer. ebook.

I certainly claim no literary brilliance on it (believe me). It is simply something I put together to help bring comfort to someone else facing a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis.

The whole experience can be tough. Really tough.

But then it gets good. Really good.

It helps if you can read someone else's thoughts who has been there (in my humble opinion). Some people stop at the really tough because they just never knew about the really good that was coming. And bringing awareness can help prevent women giving up on their unborn children simply because of a diagnosis that's hard to wrap their minds around...thus...the ebook.

So yeah, if you know someone who is going through it all right now (or if you just want to understand the experience more yourself) the ebook is completely free for download both today and tomorrow.

Consider it a thank you for your awesome support to me this past week- my toughest week of blogging yet. You guys are seriously the best, and as dramatic as this might sound, I'm not sure I could have made it without your encouraging and positive comments to offset ones left by the not-so-kind.

Thank you.

I hope you enjoy the ebook and perhaps come away with a deeper understanding of the "becoming a parent to a child with Down syndrome" journey.

Now, I'm off to do things other than bloggy things. WHAT??? I have children??? Who knew.

psssssssst have you gone to check out THE GIVEAWAY yet?????


  1. I would love to read the ebook but I'm not sure how to download it. also, I encourage everyone connected with DS to read Angel Unaware by Dale Evans Rogers. If it wasn't for her, there would be no special olympics or schools for the DS children. they would still be hidden away like a deep dark secret. Because this is DS week, please read her book along with Deannas.

  2. Thanks! I love your blog, even though I rarely comment. Been meaning to read your e-book, so thanks for the reminder and the chance to download it for free! I'm sharing this one on Facebook, too. And for any other readers without a Kindle, downloading the e-book was ridiculously easy - I just clicked the link to Amazon, and chose the "deliver to Kindle Cloud Reader" option. (Check Amazon's "Free Kindle-Reading Apps" if you don't already have one.) Thanks again. :-)

  3. I donated and am leaving a comment here!

    This is my first time commenting. I found your site via someone else (I can't quite remember) but have enjoyed reading it. The links were very interesting which you provided in a previous post (about the actors, reporters, etc). Just wanted to say, keep up the good work! :-)

    Also I "follow" you on Google Reader (for the additional entry) :-) .


  4. I would love to read it too, but was only able to read a portion of do you download it?

  5. How do you download this if you don't have a kindle? We use an iPad....please help!

  6. Deanna! I just finished reading your book... and I just wanted to tell you that I feel so grateful to know you. You are the most amazing person I know...I am not just saying that. You have such a beautiful heart.

  7. Kimberly- you can download a kindle reader for any device! On my ipad, it downloads automatically to a cloud reader. Here's the link for an ipad download:

  8. i guess you can't read it if you don't have a kindle?

  9. Thanks Deanna....Gonna use your link in a little bit! Can't wait to read the book!

  10. Donated and leaving a comment here.

  11. I've become a follower of your blog.

  12. I've become a follower of your blog.

  13. Deanna,
    Just want to tell you what happened to me some weeks ago. First of all, I have your blog in the favourite section of my iphone, so I can quickly check any update.

    I was having a coffee here in Spain when I realised there was a young Mom sat opposite to me holding a tiny baby . The baby was a cutie and the Mom was trying to give him a bottle. The baby was staring at me as I was smiling to him and thinking how cute he was. The baby had an NG tube and DS. It seemed it took a lot of effort to him drinking from his bottle as his Mom finished up feeding him through the NG tube.
    He immediately reminded me of Chubbs. Unfortunately it's not common seeing babies with DS here in Europe, as most Moms decide not to have them. I couldn't resist the temptation and approached to them to tell his Mom how cute he was. She thanked for the compliment and it seemed to me she was holding back tears. I had been checking
    your blog some minutes ago and cracking up with some of Chubbs' episodes; so at that moment I took my iphone and told her: "hey, u see this girl?. I follow the blog written by her Mom. She was in NICU several weeks after her birth, she also had an NG tube and a MicKey button, and oxigen, and heart surgery and ..... u see her now?. (Showed her some of Chubbs silly pics, haha). Your baby will go through this, just as many others..."

    Just wanted you to know that even many miles away from the USA, Chubbs is helping other Moms in a similar situation!!


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