Friday, March 9, 2012

Boring is Good

Do you ever reach the end of a week- or two weeks- or month and just sigh and search for a reset button?

Well, it is Friday, almost two weeks from the point that Addison came down with the plague, and after TWO WEEKS of her just lying listlessly around signing "help!",I feel that I can FINALLY say with some certainty now that she is feeling better.
So thankful to see my little girl smiling again.
playing, talking, walking
she's BACK!
I reach to hit "RESET" after two weeks of battling the sickness, and life continues as normal ( normal).
(except for this little dude breaking through two teeth and screaming with more agony than Addison did with all four of her surgeries combined)
I'm thankful for health (yes, my house is a disaster. I've been busy cuddling babies and taking advantage of longer naps to get writing done. judge away.),
more cuteness in my life than should be legal,
gorgeous spring-like weather,
peace between the siblings,
and a relaxing weekend ahead.
All it takes is a few weeks of crisis to remind me how fabulous "boring" and "normal" are.
yes, I'm a wimp.
but these two don't seem to mind.
Happy weekending, and I hope none of you were struck down with the plague (or if you were that you are back to health now as well)


  1. Yay! Little Chubbs looks distinctly less chubby though. Time for some good eating. (Chocolate, anyone?)

  2. So true! She lost several pounds, and her legs look like sticks compared to what they were. Big on our agenda is fattening her back up. The chocolate does make that easier. (-:

  3. so glad you are all back to normal !!!

  4. Glad to hear that everyone is feeling better and I totally agree that boring can be awesome. Hope you have a relaxing and restful weekend!

  5. Yea for normal and boring. Glad the plauge has left the house.

    And boys, they start early don't they with the oh-my-gosh-i'm-dying bit when they are in pain. :)

    Enjoy your spring like weather.

  6. Boring and normal are good! So happy to hear that everyone is back to normal! Good luck with the teeth... we don't handle cutting teeth well. at. all. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Glad she's finally feeling better. Sounds like she had a really rough time of it. I hope you get her fattened back up soon!

    I love them in their matching outfits. Too adorable!

  8. You take amazing pictures!

  9. Carter looks so much like you, Deanna.So adorable,...I think they both have kinda cornered the market on cuteness..but I guess you are always hearing that! Glad Chubbs is
    "all better"..have a great weekend.

  10. Glad to hear your household is on the mend.

    For the teething I very highly recommend an amber necklace. I thought people were crazy for thinking amber necklaces could fix teething. AFter our daughter cut her first two teeth my husband went and bought the necklace because he couldn't take the screaming, drooling, and biting everything. She has since gotten five teeth and we have not even noticed until the teeth have been popped through for several days. No screaming, no drooling, no biting. Nothing. It has been amazing. We are now very firm believers. There are at least 4 other babies in our church nursery here in GReenville/Simpsonville that wear them too. Everyone has the same story.

    You should try it. A little pricey at about $25 but so worth every penny. We got ours at Natural Baby in greenville. There are different shades of yellow and brown so they don't look too girly.

  11. Glad to see she's feeling better. Kamdyn is recovering from pneumonia and sickness is NO fun. Spring is coming!

  12. I love the matching outfits :)

  13. Your kids are just so precious! I love seeing Addison walking - amazing!


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