Friday, March 2, 2012

6months and a book

I am curled up on a soft mattress with laptop in hand. The music from Addison's room is softly playing across the hall- how she can sleep with classical music playing is beyond me but oddly enough she can't sleep WITHOUT it.

Both children are asleep. and well. Not sure if it is too soon to exhale with relief and say that Carter and I managed to escape the plague, but we are all presently healthy and I am going to take a moment to just be thankful that we made it through this week.

Thank you so much to all of you who left "foods with water" suggestions for us. I ended up making a delicious chicken noodle soup thing and fed it to Addison via syringe (note to self: next time don't put in the noodles when syringe feeding will be happening lol) Anyway, she is on the mend.


So tonight I had a project to work on, but instead I found myself going back to read old blog posts. It all started when I posted these pictures of Carter on facebook (WHAT? you don't follow me there???):
after posting that today he turned 6 months, I thought NO that's not possible! He was JUST born!

So I went back and reread the posts where I announced his birth, told his birth story...complained about how he never slept....posted first pictures of the kids together...confessed how I struggled comparing them. (and all of the things that I said in that post that Addison WASN'T doing...she did all of them shortly after I wrote that)

I laughed. I cried. I relived it all. Blogging is such a wonderful thing to capture life like that. (still not sure how I found the time to write about these things, but so glad I somehow did!)  OK- must admit: the RUNNING post is perhaps one of my favorite posts ever. (-:

Anyway, while then reading through almost every blog from then until now (I needed to know where the time went...still a mystery) I noticed many references and teases of my book that I'm working on (not the ebook-a novel).

I always said- I'll update soon- next post I'll tell you, and lol I never did! #shame

So here's my update: no big news to share. I am working a little bit each day to make it better, more polished and ready for publication. I am currently working on a rewrite with an editor and have some publishing potential in the very near future (will share as it happens...don't want to jinx myself!) all of it contingent on me getting some pretty serious work done on it over the next six months (good thing I have NOTHING else to do hehe)

Anyway, that pretty much tells you...absolutely nothing, but I wanted to fill the promise that I made many times. oops. The deeper I get into the whole book writing process, the more I realize what a long process it is.

and I'm ok with that. I've been writing it for almost two years. If it takes me 5, 10 or 20. I'll still be here. Working on it. Because some messages are worth slaving over to get them just right. I might not mention it much on here, but it is a constant part of my daily ritual. When the kids nap/go to sleep at night- I rewrite and scheme and rewrite some more. I'm seriously having a lot of fun with it!

So yeah...I'm a writer wannabe. And while I wait and pretend, I have way too much fun "publishing" myself on this little ol' blog from day to day. It's nice to get immediate feedback for thoughts, so, thanks again.

Hope your weekends are going splendidly...I gave up on tonight's edits to reread blog posts and type this explanation to you. Sometimes lost time is really a necessary break.

until later.


  1. As a relative newbie, it was lovely to read over the 'Carter posts' that you linked to. He is a gorgeous boy and, yes, they do grow SO fast. Our 'baby' turns 2 in a few weeks, just in time for our new baby to join the family. Charlie has been such a delight since the moment he arrived and entertains us so much with all the new things he's learning that sometimes I wish I could freeze time, or bottle him... but that sounds a bit creepy ;)

    SO glad to hear the fam seems much better and hopefully you're catching up on some sleep.

    Thanks for the book update :) You're so clever fitting it all in!

  2. I'm a photographer wannabe babe...
    maybe when your book gets published I'll be the chick taking your cover shots...

  3. I look forward to reading your posts. Keep 'um coming. I so love the pictures of the children. They are so precious. I am so proud of Addison. She is doing so wonderful. I'm so glad she and your husband are feeling better now. Have a blessed weekend.

  4. SO glad you are still working on that book! You are so persistent and dedicated. Love that!

  5. I am so glad that you still manage to squeeze in time for your book.:)We can't wait!:)Glad your family is on the mend.We will pray that you and Carter still manage to miss it!I remember so well when you had Carter as six days later our little one was born.:)I still can't believe how fast half a year can go.I totally agree that blogging is worth the time.I have gone back and reread things that are otherwise a blur in our crazy busy days.So glad we can relive with our recorded memories.:)

  6. I check in on you everyday..glad everyone's doing better! A virus like that is so wicked..especially when little ones have it. Hope you stay well. I look forward to your book. You are such a talented writer. I have learned a lot from you.

  7. I am so looking forward to reading your novel!

  8. I love that chubby baby!!. Think he looks like you, while Addison looks like her Dad. I know sometimes it's hard to see in the middle of everyday life, but you 're very lucky to have such wonderful family !!.


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