Monday, February 20, 2012

Where did my baby go and who is this big girl?

Yesterday I was working in the living room when I heard a cry come from the pink nursery. Setting down my computer and rushing back, I knew what I should find:

a tiny helpless baby, crying to be picked up and cuddled; a little girl stuck in the pre-toddler stage; a small, delicate Chubbs with developmental delays.


There was a big girl standing in her crib waiting for me. The full-blown toddler held out her arms and stared accusingly at me for taking so long to run to her while her rosebud lips parted slightly, her vocals said "Sign" and one chubby hand reached over her head and signed "Daddy"
She had undressed herself and unthreaded the seam in her pillow (how did she do this???)
You know how they say that anticipation is oftentimes more fun than the actual event?
Well for two years, I have anticipated Addison finally growing out of the baby stage, and I am happy to announce that she seems to have left it far, far behind....and it's WAY better than what I could have dreamed and hoped for...

At the first suggestion of toddlerhood I was teary eyed and wistful at how fast this time has gone.


I am loving it!

She's walking so much more, her vocabulary grows every day, she's into everything...

Even though her biggest problem right now is struggling to communicate with us, she shows incredibly strong cognitive/reasoning skills. If she wants something- she figures out how to get it! Seriously, she's so smart. (I'm not just saying that because I'm her mother...hehe)
"well hello there, lover" (signing time, of course)
 I don't know where the last two years have gone, but I have loved every minute of "baby" Chubbs and look forward to what "toddler" Chubbs has in store for us!
 even increased behavior like this:
It's incredible to see such a little person emerging from the cloud of her diagnosis and proving to us day after day that she's amazing, talented and smart. Love our Chubbs!
Happy Monday!

( turns out that this 6 month dress fits waaaay better at 2 years than it did at 6


  1. She's so pretty! Love the pierced ears :).

  2. Oh, mama, your pride is showing! Well deserved. Good stuff!

  3. So cute! I love the purple cowgirl boots too!

  4. Russell very much approves of Chubbs outfit, especially the boots!! He says she looks adorable :)

    That picture of her by the rocking horse made me crack up...Russell has a horse just like that one and we just discovered this weekend that he is TERRIFIED of it!!! LOL...Not sure he will make the best cowboy! Haha

  5. Wait till age three...that is the BEST age ever. I have loved three with each of my kids (ok Reagan isn't there yet but still). Isn't it funny to watch them work something out and realize how incredibly smart they are to problem solve like is so easy to forget that just because there isn't a lot of talking going on doesn't mean that they don't understand EVERYTHING. I can SEE the wheels turning in Reagan's head as she works thing out.

  6. What a beautiful little girl you have created!!! I love her hiding in the cubby. I find myself wanting a pair of cowboy boots for Maddie!

  7. Oh my gosh, your "chubs" is too cute. My daughter has only just turned one, yet your pictures make me want another child pronto. Cue ovary twitches. Love your blog - just added it to my favorites.


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