Friday, February 17, 2012

Virtual Life

Am I the only one who sometimes gets tired of the facebook, twitter, pintrest, blogging- virtual world we now live in? (guilty here)

I wake up in the morning and smile to see Addison pretend to kiss Carter and then sit on his face instead. What's the first thing I do? (after saving Carter from that oh so delicate hinny that was crushing his nose)

Make it my facebook status. And then tweet about it. And then look up on Pintrest about devices you can make to help protect noses from toddlers who like to sit on faces. And then read some other blogs about other toddlers who abuse their siblings and feel better about my mothering skills.

While I'm there, I find pictures on facebook to share on Pintrest, articles to read and retweet, and blog posts that I MUST go read and of course repost on all sorts of social media and then go stew about the fact that my own life is lacking in awesomeness and fabulousness that I see all around me in the virtual world.

After all, with two kids under two, sometimes the highlight of the day is JUST a wet diaper. YAY!

I'm not saying that the virtual world bugs me enough to actually stop attending all the important functions and exercising my right to the "LIKE" button. But sometimes?

Sometimes I just shut my computer, rid myself of reminder of everything I can't buy for myself or my children, the kitchen design that I can't pull off, that fabulous haircut that would NEVER work on me, or the achievements of other children that make me feel bad that my own kids aren't there yet.

After my computer is shut, I turn around, shaking like an addict going through withdrawal and then I see them.

Two pairs of clear blue eyes watching me carefully, two pairs of lips on the verge of smiles and laughter, one pair of chubby fingers forming signs, one solid chunk showing off rolling moves...

...two little 3D people who need my attention way more than that addicting virtual world.

I realize how important it is to take a break for a day or two to regain focus.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the ability to make virtual connections and network and communicate with those who are thousands of miles away, but sometimes? Sometimes I just need to put it away and be content with what's right in front of me.

While on this break, I also try something novel and new (besides dishes and laundry)...reading a hard copy MAGAZINE or book. (insert gasp of surprise) hint: it doesn't tell your entire friend base that you just read the article "How to REALLY get rid of diaper rash" and if you accidentally drop it during your bubble bath, you're out a couple of dollars instead of hundreds.

Oh and speaking of magazines.....if you happen to read this month's copy of Parents Magazine, yep and yep. We are humbled to be featured on page 117.( how's that for a segue)

I'm sure I'm the ONLY one who struggles with balance between real and virtual (hehe), but I thought I would just share my thoughts (as well as insert a shout out to Parents Magazine. THANK YOU!)

Now if you'll excuse me, hubs just walked in the door and is building a block castle with Addison while Carter looks on in envy, jutting his face a little too close to Addison's throwing range in hopes for some sisterly attention.

Now that's an event I want to attend, and LIKE, and tweet about in as many characters as I want to use, and describe in the kind of sickening detail that leaves people rolling their eyes in boredom.

Happy weekending....don't worry, I'll be back (after some uninterrupted basking in chubby deliciousness)


  1. Are you tweeting more? I never see any

  2. Aw, chubby deliciousness.
    - Molly

  3. Aw, chubby deliciousness.
    - Molly

  4. I'm going to buy a copy just to see you there !!!

  5. So well said. All of it. Me, too: I've got so many things to love about the virtual world, so many things that make me wonder if I'm addicted to it, and so very, very many things to love and appreciate about my very own crowd of 3-D people. Happy weekending to you.

  6. hope to see some pix of daddy and addison building. hope carter doesn't do a domino thing

  7. There is nothing like holding a book in my hands. Not at all into reading from a screen!

    Enjoy your babies and hubby!

  8. I very much agree.
    (And I'm going to have to hunt down a copy of Parents!)

  9. I am not a Parents subscriber, but for some reason they sent me a free copy with an offer for a subscription. When I was flipping through it, I paused at the article about blogs, and recognized your girl! Have been a follower for a few weeks, and was happily surprised to see your blog featured in there. Congrats!


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