Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Two Year Pictures

Lately I have become increasingly concerned with the amount of time that Addison has wanted to watch Signing Time. When I asked her therapists about it, they said not to worry because it was so educational (and she really DID learn so much with each watching).

Well, last Saturday when we had an appointment to get her 2 year pictures taken, I realized that I had a reason to be concerned.

She watched while eating breakfast so that I could get myself and Carter ready for the shoot. It was when I DARED to push that "stop" button that she lost it.

Cranky, crying, SCREAMING, saying "sign" over and over (and signing "chocolate"): I realized a valuable lesson. Having Down syndrome does NOT preempt Addison from the terrible twos, or becoming overly obsessive about something.

Addison has showed huge personality lately with very strong likes and dislikes (um, just like ANY two year old) which is frustrating to deal with because she pretends not to understand "NO" and such (she does), but at the same time exciting because this sort of aggressive behavior says promising things about her cognitive ability.

Anyway, all that to say, our photographer was A SAINT to still keep flashing the camera even when Addison was melting down (and of course Carter joined in the happy chorus). It was not our finest hour....

But I would say that Silver Spoon still got some great pictures. Here are my favorites:
What was she staring at SO intently? Yes, her DVD player with Signing Time (weak mommy)
Seriously, Carter and Addison looks SO MUCH ALIKE! To those people who say that individuals with Down syndrome don't look like their families, I say "LIARS!" (-:
I look at this picture of us and think "how is it possible that we have two kids and have been married for six years this summer?" seriously, time flies.
notice her glare (and granola bar)
a temporary break from sullen
ah yes, the terrible twos...
angry and yes, sullen once again
trying to pinch my lips off when I was trying to make her favorite speech therapy sounds in hopes to elicit a smile
the ticklish spot
those eyes slay me
wonder where they came from????
Thank you Silver Spoon Photography for putting up with us and the gorgeous pictures!

(and yes, Addison has been on a bit of a Signing Time hiatus...we are just now watching a few minutes here and there due to her barricading herself behind the couch and shouting "SIGN TIME" while two therapists were sitting by and watching how I would handle it. sigh.)


  1. Beautiful, Deanna!!! And wow, she certainly DOES have her daddy's eyes!!

    Um, yeah, Samantha watches entirely *too* much television. But we lessen our guilt by saying she's learned a TON from children's programming, which she really has. Guess I can't complain too much, but I will tell you, those tantrums when you turn off the TV have gotten waaaay worse for us lately. :-(

  2. Oh. my. All gorgeous photos, but the first one of Addison and the chalkboard....I'm wiping away tears. That one def needs to make this years Christmas card =D

  3. I love them all! She did such a great job capturing what life with two little ones is really like...crazy, fun and full of love!

  4. Super sweet pictures!! Love her smile!!

  5. Wish I could tell you'd I'd been there done that it will get better but I think Cate is still having her terrible twos and she is six. I'm exaggerating of course, but I remember where you are coming from - our kids need to be stubborn to learn new things that others take for granted but that same stubbornness can take exasperating forms!

  6. These pictures are beautiful. And yes, I do think Addison looks a lot like all of you guys, especially her Daddy. Love the pic next to the chalkboard with the polka dot blanket, where she's trying not to smile...what spunk! LOVE it!

  7. well, the chalkboard pics are my hands down favorites. but then, you'll recall our 2 year pic of biggs is simply him face down on the floor, mid-tantrum.

    she's delicious.

    biggs is also passionate about the television. could be that our little strabismus buddies like the light gazing/visual stimulation of it all. i think they'd make a brilliant movie date, don't you? just sayin'...

  8. We have the same problem with Signing Time. She gets a song here and there. Most of my photos come happen when she is so intent on watching Signing Time. Seriously, the show is like crack for 2 year-olds. Great photos! I love Chubbs' personality!

  9. Adorable pics! They do look a lot alike, they even have the same color eyes! Emily is obsessed with Barney, I think I am getting to the point where the purple guy is going to be banned from our home for a little while :-)

  10. Adorable pics. I have only found your blog recently, but noticed that you were featured in Parents magazine this month! I was soo excitied to see I already read one of the blogs they are awarding. Way to go. Love your blog.


  11. Those are just beautiful! What an amazing family.

  12. The pictures brought me joy!

    You do NOT look like you just had a baby. No way!

  13. These pictures are FABULOUS!! I love the one of you kissing Addison, it's so freakin cute!!!

  14. I love all the pictures! You have a beautiful family!

  15. So. Daggone. CUTE. Especially the whole family pictures.
    - Molly

  16. Because of you, I borrowed Signing Time from the library. My 18 month old loves Baby Einstein Wordsworth (and has learned some signs!) so I figured, why not? That signing time song? The.Most.Annoying.Song.Ever. EVER. HOW DO YOU HANDLE IT????? :) It's signing time it's signing time it's signing time it's signing time it's SIGNING TI-IME. Time to lose my mind! :) My hubby and I have a good laugh singing it to each other and making up our own words. I understand your hiatus, and am jealous! :) Love your blog, girl!

  17. I love Addison screaming by her chalkboard! what a rotten kid...her and Brooke would get along famously

  18. The photos are all very cute, your children are adorable :).Love reading your blog, but miss you on facebook ;-). Hope all is well!


  19. "its signing time with alex and leah, come and play" that song is always in my head. if those are not the same signing movies you use, i will be pretty embarrassed now haha


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