Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I took the wrong baby with me today

Addison at 5 months:
Take to hair appointment...asleep in her carseat. She will continue to sleep the entire 60-90ish minute hair appointment, waking to sleepily smile at the hair dresser and then fall back asleep on the way out with you and your fabulous hair cut.

Carter at 5 months:
Take to hair appointment...asleep in his carseat. Once you are completely committed to the hair cut (hair washed and first snips taken out) he will wake up and whine for attention. When the receptionist comes over, he will flirt with her for ten minutes...just enough time to have your hair halfway cut. Just when you think you're home free, he will begin screaming bloody murder (offending the receptionist who assumes he's screaming at her) and rattling your hairdresser. He will then refuse to be comforted by anyone. You WILL leave with a halfway done hair cut with a little boy who finally settles down once you're outside.


Getting an impromptu short little haircut today was a bad, bad, bad, badbadbad idea....

and if you're thinking how naive I was to take him in the first place...don't judge. Addison was always so good for haircut time...how was I to know that wasn't normal???? (I would like to go back in time and thank that awesome 5 month old version of Addison. I totally didn't appreciate her enough.)

now for some online hat shopping...


  1. Ohhh....you poor thing! Hailey was a much calmer, milder baby than my older two. I appreciate it greatly!!! Hope you can get the remainder of your hair cut soon!

  2. Oh, you didn't get the memo to have your "spirited" child first. I really am sorry. Blame the hairdresser, make her recut it for free.

  3. Because I am a grandmother I can chuckle at this and get away with it, right? hee hee My children are 9 1/2 years apart in age and they were polar opposites in temperment. My first born, a daughter, would have been like Addison and my second, a son, wouldn't have let me make it INTO the hair appt.!

  4. o if you lived by me, Id fix it for you! Ya, gotta find a friend who will do it from home for you. I hated working at the salon- all of a sudden all these women who are moms themselves forget how it is when you have a baby and just want some attention for yourself and they get all pissed off when the baby ruins their "me" time- selfish people,the baby would be out of their a lot faster if you just relaxed, let the mom get her hair finished instead of pressuring her to keep the baby quiet and therefore prolonging the haircut... common sense people


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