Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I love you

No doubt you're expecting a mushy post about the unending love that I have for my husband. Sorry to disappoint.

I love my husband. We've been married for 5.5 years- our love is not celebrated one or two days a year, but every single day.

No, what I want to write about today is how much I love all of you.

Seriously, you're like the best blog readers ever.

This past month, I've been feeling rather blue. Probably a combination of things: my first winter to stay at home and not have an outside job to run off to every day, a dear friend announcing her move across the country, post baby hormone stuff, somewhat depressing weather here in Vermont, waiting waiting waiting to hear back from my editor....

So yeah, I haven't been quite myself. But lately I have really felt uplifted by all of your amazing comments, sweet emails, reposting of my ebook, and overall support. You guys are seriously awesome.

Last week I was particularly struggling and my friends went out of their way to spend more time with me, a blog reader/very dear friend did Addison's two year photo shoot totally for free (will post pics soon!), another blog reader randomly offered to give me her double jogging stroller that she is no longer using (I had just been pricing these bad boys out and was convinced that I wouldn't be able to run again until next winter when my husband was home during daylight hours again), and another blog reader came and gave my house a professional cleaning today (Christmas present from the in-laws. YAY!) The other night those of you on facebook put up with my snarky, snobbish comments while I graded Grammy performance and pretended that I was still a music teacher (it's OK to really miss this even though I love staying at home, right?) And I have now heard back from my editor and the next draft of No Guarantees is now under way!

For the first time in a month I am starting to once again feel like myself. A clean house, promise of many summertime runs with the children, cute pictures of my kids and my project to work on once again will do that.

All because of you.

I think Valentine's day is more than the romantic love that commercialism tries to use to get us to spend money. It's about showing appreciation for those in your life that mean a lot to you.

And that would be you.

Thank you for reading- thank you for commenting. I love you all- and appreciate you so much!

Happy Valentines Day!

(and oh yes, until he is STOLEN away by some snotty nosed little girl hehe...this is TOTALLY my valentine:)


  1. I think you forgot to say "and another blogging friend helped me with perspective on LAME wannabe book reviewers and I have decided to name my third child after her." where's the love, deanna ???

  2. Of course! Time to set up an ENTIRE blog post dedicated to that person! hehehe (-: btw...sent a similar pic to Russell as well (but didn't get it in the mail until todady so it will be late.)

  3. Addison can seriously rock menswear. And good luck keeping the girls away from Carter. Gorgeous!

  4. I got a Parents magazine in the mail today, and just glancing thru the magazine quickly to see if there were coupons, I saw your blog listed among the small handful of blogs they picked as totally amazing blogs. Nice! (My kids were impressed, too!)

  5. Your kids are too cute! Thanks for blogging! You don't know me, but my sister and I have been reading your blog for almost a year now, and we think you're pretty awesome! ..and very funny! My sis's due date with her second was the same day as your's with Carter, and we both had babies the year before that, so we totally get the *after baby* feelings that you are going though! Thanks for being so honest! I'm so proud of you for your attitude that you have in the situation that God has put you in! What a great example you are! I totally cried the first time I say Addison stand up...and then walk!!! She's amazing!!!!and hr laugh???--it gets me every time! Keep Writing!...and of course posting pictures of your beatuiful children!

  6. yes, it's true...I am awesome, and you're welcome...
    and I just realized you remind me Katie Holmes...I don't know if that's good news or not for you

  7. Alright, where are you finding these awesome blog readers who give you free stuff, send some my way!! LOL...jk...sort of :D

    And your baby boy is super sweet Deanna, he is going to be a little heart breaker!

    Russell sends his love to Addison :)

  8. Blog friends are wonderful. :) I'm glad you're among mine.

    And both Addison and Carter look sickeningly cute in that little tie!

  9. Your blog was one of the first I read when I found out my little girl had Ds. I thoroughly enjoy finding new posts in my feed from your blog. It gives me a genuine smile on my rainy days. I can honestly say that I miss reading your blog if I am off the radar and unconnected. So thank you for sharing, even on days you don't think you are chipper. On days that you aren't feeling your best. Because you have touched at least one family and made such a difference in our lives but showing us that life is possible for the diagnosis we have received.


    Btw, just downloaded your book and I am OH so excited to read that too!


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