Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cinderella Slippers

Anyone remember when I wrote this post about Addison mopping the floor? (yes, she was so little!)

Well, the other day I was shopping without children (bad, bad idea. Gives me too much time to browse and convince myself that I really need EVERYTHING.)

in the cleaning aisle, I saw these bad boys:
3 guesses as to what they do...

Yep, yep and yep. They clean the floor WHILE YOU WEAR THEM! (made of microfibers)
No time to clean naturally lazy when it comes to my wood floors, I thought this idea to be quite genius and snatched up a pair.
oh so pretty
(I realize this post is doing little to myth-bust the fact that stay at home moms spend all day in their PJs...but go with me here)

I have been wearing these magical slippers around for two days, and I feel like I have gotten a fairly good grip on what the product has to offer, so I'm here to report.

NOTE: I am not being paid to write this (but I totally should be. I'm sure you're all going to want to steal yourself a pair of these ruby pink slippers after you hear my dazzling product review.)

OBSERVATION: My floors already seem much cleaner (which probably has NOTHING to do with the fact that I steamed mopped them the day before purchasing my new Cinderella slippers.)

OBSERVATION: I almost fell and broke my neck trying to walk too quickly on them (chasing Addison who was chasing Carter) turns out they have about as much traction as a mop...go figure. But can you really put a price on clean floors? Surely my neck is a small sacrifice.

OBSERVATION: I was holding Carter and he spit up rather volcano-like, and I had forgotten a burp cloth. NO PROBLEM, I just swished over the mess on the floor with my foot and like MAGIC the puddle was gone. (my feet got MUCH heavier after this which made me work harder to walk which also might be some sort of weight loss something...hmmmm) Also, I'm pretty sure I then smeared the spit up all over the rest of my steamed clean floors (perfectly evenly, of course)

OBSERVATION: I got the largest size slipper and they are a touch small which tells me a couple of things. 1. The company who made these slippers are prejudiced against big footed people which leads me to 2. They were probably made in China. (the fact that I have mammoth sized feet means nothing here)

OBSERVATION: They are machine washable, but the bottoms are stuck on by velcro, so it makes a loud scratchy noise when I walk...which means that I can't sneak up on sleeping children to check on them. Sleeping children or clean floors??? Tough call...

OBSERVATION: I love the fun pink color. I also saw pastel purple and bright yellow which tells me that there's also some sort of gender prejudice about who is doing all of the floor mopping in the world. (REAL MEN MOP FLOORS...should totally be swiffer's next ad campaign with a picture of Obama holding a mop. Really, I should be paid for this sort of wisdom.)

It's really quite simple.

My house is full of hardwood floors that can't seem to stay clean.
I walk all around my house zillions of times a day.
My feet are cold.
These slippers are truly the answer to every problem I've ever faced.

I'm only left with one last question.

Does it come in toddler sizes????

Oh yes, I got them from Walmart. If I were you I would run to buy a pair (while you can still run) I saw a bunch of Walmart homeless people lining up...clearing the shelf (because now the streets will be cleaner.)  Genius. just genius.


  1. if you really loved me, you would send me a pair.

  2. I got a pair in lime green. They did nothing for my too far gone wood floors:(

  3. Too bad you already gave me my birthday present! This would have been perfect! Love you!

  4. I took a picture of something like this a few months back at TJ Maxx and never got around to emailing it to you. Glad you found them; can't believe you bought them, lol.

  5. You make me laugh!!!That was so cute.Especially the ad.:)Ha ha and the people all lined up at Walmart.

  6. HAHAHAHAHA Deanna! You are so funny! This gave me my dosage of hysterical laughing for the day! :)

  7. hahahaha great post, great 'buy' :)

  8. Totally my guilty pleasure to read your posts while at work (during a well deserved break haha!). Great post! Those slippers were designed by a mom! Go moms!

  9. I was just thinking about buying these yesterday so I had to laugh when I see a whole post about them. My problem must have been I had all my children in the store with me. Next time I will go without them :)

  10. I was just thinking about buying these yesterday so I had to laugh when I see a whole post about them. My problem must have been I had all my children in the store with me. Next time I will go without them :)


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