Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Charlotte and Lily

I'm just stopping in briefly to direct your attention to two blogs:

1. I mentioned Charlotte in last night's post about winter blues, but I wanted to come back and say it yet again (because it's just THAT important)

Reece's Rainbow is an organization that helps save orphans from being sent to mental institutions merely because those babies was born with Down syndrome. I truly hope to be able to adopt one of these orphans one day #SecretDream

(Those of you who are my facebook fans may remember when I posted this video about the Cox family. and if you're NOT my facebook fan...ummmm why not?)

Anyway, Charlotte's family is SO CLOSE to rescuing their little girl from said institution, but they lack a few funds. If you can give even $5 it will help get them closer to being able to save this little girl. This is rather an emergent scenario (they need $10,000 by March 17th) so PLEASE give if you can...and spoiler might possibly win some AWESOME prizes while you're over at their blog...

Please, please, please help!

psssst...if you are reading this...and you give at least $50 to Charlotte's family. I will send you a free copy of my ebook Dreams Change (email me at


2. I have a friend with an absolutely gorgeous little girl (Carter's age) who has Turner syndrome.
If you're reading that with a puzzled look on your face, saying "What is Turner syndrome?" Please head over to her blog to read all about it! February is Turner syndrome awareness month, and Sarah would love to help educate you about what makes her daughter, Lily, and so many like her- beautifully unique.

That is all I would like to say. Oh, and yes...THANK YOU for the awesome book recommendations. Who knows when that next window of unlimited reading will come again for me, but I will be ready when it does. THANKS!


  1. Thank you so much for spreading the word for Charlotte's mom and dad. They are wonderful and she was over the moon last night with the huge jump in donations!


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