Monday, February 6, 2012

the birthday

just in case you wanted to see a big two year old girl dressed for cold weather taking another skiing lesson...
(I started posting pics and videos on facebook, and then quickly realized it would just be easier to compile them all here)

I present to you Skier Chubbs:

(notice what she's doing with her legs in this first video)
We've noticed that the skiing has HUGELY helped her ability to stand independently for longer periods of time, and has REALLY strengthened her legs!
She was so much more confident this time and went to the top of the bunny hill for the first time! Could not be more proud.
with her ski instructor, of course.
"I'm TWO, so I can stand all by myself!"
a morning full of therapies, a long nap, skiing, was a big day for Miss Chubbs
Thank you very much for the well wishes. She had a wonderful day!


  1. Happy 2nd Birthday, Addison!! You'll be racing down that slope before we know it! :)

  2. When can Addison go skiing in the trees with PaPa?

  3. Grreat job, Addison! And Happy Birthday, too!
    Love, Doc

  4. That was awesome!! :) I can't believe she is SKIING!

  5. omg!!! I wanna kiss her sweet little skiing cheeks!!! Happy Birthday, Princess Chubbs!!!! <3

  6. happy 2nd birthday addison!! you are doing great on your skis. i am soooooo impressed!!

    ps just darling!!

  7. She is SO adorable!! She looked like she was having fun!

  8. oh WOW this is so wonderful that Daddy and his Little Princess have such a great beginning so early on. This is powerful stuff.....

  9. That is so awesome! What a great athlete!!!

  10. Happy Birthday to your beautiful little girl. You have a beautiful family. I am a new follower.
    check out my page and if you like, follow along with me.
    happy tuesday.

  11. So cute watching Chubbs with her Daddy. And I love that last picture, what a sassy little diva :)

  12. I'm choked up! And that doesn't happen often!

  13. What georgous pictures:-). Your ski instructor bears a remarkable resemblance to my cousin. Not him but I had to look a couple of times. Looks like she had a great birthday!

  14. Happy birthday, Addison, from all your friends at BJU Magazine!


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