Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I have been silent of late. Not because I am purposefully neglecting my blog, or my children, or am going through a crisis...but because all of my blogging time has been funneled toward a different project. A project that I hope to announce to you here on my blog within the next few days. No more details for now...I promise to spill all as soon as it is finished....and catch you up on our everything and nothing over here in Essex.

To tide you over? (because I'm sure that the suspense is already killing you

A few pictures that we snapped of the children in outfits that Grandma Ruth sent for Christmas. I was trying to get a good shot, but instead got a pictoral documentary of crazy Chubbs. Carter was pretty sullen himself throughout the entire photoshoot...soooooo we're going to have to do this again.
Captain Chubbs and First Mate Carter
"Stop looking at me like that. You're creeping me out."
A smile of evil plans to dump her brother off the couch (good thing Daddy was there to assist)
Carter must have nudged her funny bone.
thrilled to be taking part as First Mate Carter
Captain Chubbs
changing the rating on this photoshoot with one kick of her daisy shoed foot
"Look Carter- couch diving is cool!"
"Yeahhhhh....we're done here."
Happy Tuesday to all of you! We'll be back soon with big news! (-:


  1. been missing you. I'll be watching for your news.

  2. Can't wait for your news.Your kids get cuter all the time.Our two year old is into making funny faces now trying to make us laugh my husbands comment"has she been watching Addison again?"It is too cute.I seriously think that she is copying those adorable faces becauseThe outfits are sweet.

  3. I had no idea that half my comment disappeared.Maybe due to the six kids pushing stuff into my keyboard.Anyway as I was saying...she knows we think Addison makes the cutest faces!!!I better go before I lose this comment too.

  4. Love the fun they --and you-- are having!

  5. Teaser, I'll say! Hurry up and spill the news! These pics were great...Carter is the chubbiest, cutest little guy I know!!

  6. Haaaa Patti you always make me smile, cute comment.

    Carters' little chubby legs are so adorable. Seems like your babies grew so much since last week!! Love the pics!

  7. I don't believe you put that poor boy in a sailor suit...

  8. Love these pics, Deanna! The commentary was great as well! Carter is getting to be Chubbs #2! :)


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