Wednesday, January 4, 2012

random and oh-so-snarky

Chubbs and Chubby
Note to self: Such a sweet, tender sibling moment of love
will quickly lead to this
and this
and this
and undoubtedly this.
you would think it would make Carter upset, but truth is? He loves every bit of attention from Addison and waits all day for her to stop ignoring him...taking the "abuse" like a champ and giving her huge smiles.
(Carter was not harmed in the making of this blog post...Addison is working on learning the word "gentle")

speaking of Carter...
"You would tell me if there was something on my face, right?"

and Addison....
well, the terrible twos have struck.
although with her, nothing is ever truly terrible. How cute is that pouty face...
when she's not pouting or asking to watch signing time or asking for Papa (Gwampa) or signing for Daddy...she's making EVERYTHING into a shawl which turns into peek-a-boo which turns into "how quickly can I strangle myself?" fun, fun times.

happy Wednesday to you
we're off to the Pediatrician...they're finally able to add on that new wing because of us...


  1. I never saw how much they looked alike before that top pic

  2. Oh my that little Carter is going to be one tough dude...LOL. No, I'm sure he loves the attention, I've heard most younger siblings are like that...And the blanket game, is one of Maggie's favorites and yes, it does end with her normally strangling herself...LOL!

  3. Lily does that EXACT thing with turning things into shawls/playing peekaboo/strangling herself! How cute!


    you didn't post the pic you sent to my phone today, waaaah!

  4. Your house mirror images mine...Emily thinks Chase and Ethan are her personal human jungle gyms! Although now that Chase is crawling, he is chasing her down and about see it has to be on her terms, not his!

  5. That's one cute pouty face! I sometimes say "Landon stop doing *that* to your brother" and then I realize Sutter is loving the abuse, I mean attention! :)

  6. That little girl has got the BEST expressions! Academy Award one day, perhaps...?

  7. They DO look so much alike in those top pictures! So cute! And I see Chubbs is now behaving EXACTLY like Russell...*sigh*...Terrible two's, I'm not sure I am going to survive it!!

  8. Oh my goodness. Your babies are so cute : ) What a sweet post. Adorable to the max.

  9. Just saying hi (and goodnight ;)after I've stayed up FAR too late reading some of your blog posts, after your blog was mentioned as a favourite by someone on the Down Syndrome Pregnancy forum. We're 29 weeks pregnant with Baby #3 and got our prenatal diagnosis of DS at about 16 weeks. Still riding the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with the diagnosis, but just wanted to say thankyou for your posts and for giving me some hope about the beautiful baby we are still to get to know. Addison and Carter are just gorgeous! Look forward to reading more x

  10. Well, Eon is just shy of 3yo and baby sis is now 1yo. Just so you know, the smotherly "love" has not ended. Little sis has now learned that she can get big bro in trouble if she fusses when he is within 5' of her. Good times. :) Your two are ADORABLE, btw!


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