Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Design

January is the birthday month in our little family. Aaron's birthday is in sister's birthday is in January...Aaron's grandpa's birthday is in mother and mother-inlaw's birthdays are in January (both on the same day-and year, ironically enough)...
I am HORRIBLE with birthdays, so this means that I usually spend the entire month of February feeling guilty for not getting everyone their card/present/cake combo on time- or at all.

The next ten months are spent in intensive psychological therapy working through my guilt for being a horrible wife/sister/daughter/granddaughter/daughter-in-law and then before I know it...January is here again ready to slay me yet again with birthday after birthday after birthday after birthday.

But as bad as I am about buying those cards and presents, my husband is 10x worse. Too harsh? Well, my birthday was August 8th and I got my

To be fair, my birthday is three days after our anniversary, so I end up applying a lot of pressure for either one AWESOME gift or TWO medium gifts. As it turns out, he gets so intimidated and overwhelmed that both get sadly neglected. You would think that after 5.5 years, I would have learned not to do that....but apparently I'm not as bright as you might have originally given me credit for. Must lay off the pressure.

All of that simply to introduce this year's birthday gift which came in time for my half birthday (hehe).

What is this noteworthy gift, you might ask?

(really? you had to ask?)

My incredible new blog design by Minx Designs!

I dabble in a lot of things, but blog design is NOT one of them, and I was so thankful to have a pro take over and make Addison would say "a pretty".
Seeing the new design makes me duck in shame at my feeble homemade attempts which makes me
think that I owe you all a big THANK YOU for still reading and not complaining about the dim lighting in here. Because wow...doesn't it look so much better?!

Thank you Minx Design! (and thank you, Holly for recommending!)

Thank you Aaron for the birthday gift! LOVE! (totally worth waiting for)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some birthday gift shopping of my own to do...

p.s. have you checked out my ebook yet????


  1. very nice! I wish I had a cool look for my blog like this. My Brother in law designed my business website, but I can't ask him to do my blog too, so I'm stuck with the basic blogger templates.

  2. I love it!
    And let's not forget you sent you...ahem

  3. Not a Perfect Mom...of course! Let me go amend that right now!

  4. Ooooh, I love it!! Nice layout, I really like how wide and spacious it is!! And you kept it nice and simple too, I like that, everything is easy to find. Header picture, fabulous!!! Great new look!!!!

  5. You are talking to someone who uses the stock designs given by blogger and wordpress! This looks great. Happy half birthday!

  6. Hey! Just wanted to let you know I added your blog to the families list at Real Life | Down syndrome. :) A few of us are trying to reactive this site I created awhile ago ... let me know if you do NOT want to be listed! :) Thanks!

  7. Love the new design and love what I have read so far of the ebook. Just got to the part where you are put your beginning blog posts.

    Thanks for your honest open heart. It is a real change from most reading we do in the Christian circles.


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