Sunday, January 8, 2012

A is for Apple...and Addison

Addison got three new things this week:

1. A sinus infection (Turns out chocolate and diamonds are beat out by antibiotics as a girl's best friend)

2. An ipad
 After reading numerous articles on how this has been proven to tremendously help children with learning difficulties, I applied for a grant (like a year ago) so that we could buy this for Addison. The grant was just given to us, so I bought it for her this week.

Still need
- a good childproof case (any suggestions as to what works for you?)
- more app ideas that are geared towards where Addison is right now (seeing all 4 therapists tomorrow and hope to get some ideas then) Which apps do you like the best?
- a better cheat site for Words with Friends (just kidding...sort of)

Anyway, very excited to be able to see how Addison does with this new therapy "toy". Will update you in a few weeks as we see how this begins to improve her learning!

3. Pigtails! About time this girl sprouted a little hair...
She kept touching them and saying "hair"...seriously, how cute are these?
and little brother has fast learned that as long as you wear a super manly outfit (thank you, Uncle Chris and Aunt Beth)
it's OK to steal your sister's white ipad for a little learning of your own
but you will probably feel guilty about it since you know Addison wouldn't approve if she saw you...
Hoping that this week brings restored health for both kiddos so that we can take Addison skiing as was planned for last week, but we had to cancel due to her previously discussed infection. booohooo.

Also, hope to announce something later in the week that I've been working on to "celebrate" Addison's 2nd birthday (can she really be two already?) Stay tuned!


  1. Otterbox. Its pricy but it's well worth the protection to the Ipad.
    Our 5 year old has dropped ours numerous times and there has been no damage to the Ipad.

    Love Addison's pigtails!

  2. So happy you got the grant! Still trying to figure out apps for Bells.

  3. are you cheating?
    shame on you...
    I'm not going to play with you anymore

  4. Love the pigtails! I love your posts with pictures. They make me smile every time. Thanks for sharing!
    Have a blessed day!

  5. Our boys (3.5 and almost-2) love our iPad, although they only get limited access to it when daddy's home from work, and it's great for travelling with kids too. I'm not sure how educational my choices have been, but one of the apps both kids enjoy is the Interactive Alphabet ( Also, 'Old MacDonald' and 'Fish School' both by Duck Duck Moose. Every now and again, I just tend to Google for award winning apps for kids and research from there. Happy iPad-ing!

    Hope Addison is much better soon and you can going skiing x

  6. Hope that everyone feels better soon! LOVE the pigtails, we just had our first set this week, too! I think Addison liked hers better than Maggie....LOL

  7. looks like you had to work really hard for those pigtails!

  8. Probably a little too early for Addison to start working on her Words With Friends skills. But when YOU play, a great way to sharpen your skills is by unscrambling anagrams. visit my blog to try my TV trivia anagram game, it's fun and good practice for WWF.

  9. I love the pigtails.Carter is just adorable too.:)

  10. I would get the Otterbox to protect the iPad. Ellie has dropped ours and it protected it.

    Apps: we use the Old MacDonald and Wheels on the Bus apps by Duck Duck Moose. She also loves Starfall Alphabet.

  11. As Carter gets older I think he looks more and more like Addison! They are absolutely adorable!! Love the pigtails!

  12. Here are some apps I have on our iPod:
    A B C Alphabets
    Baby DJ
    Baby Play Face
    Dr. Seuss's ABC (book)
    Green Eggs & Ham (book)
    *Little Reader Touch
    Peekaboo HD
    *Special Words
    *Toddler Counting
    Hippo Hooray Colors
    *Itsy Bitsy Spider by Duck Duck Moose
    Kids Paint
    *NatureAppy: Card Learning Game w/ Animals
    *Old MacDonald - by Duck Duck Moose
    *Sign Language! (great for ASL lookup)
    *Tickle Tap Toddler Pack
    *Vocal Zoo+
    *Wheels on the Bus - by Duck Duck Moose
    * highly recommended apps

    Also you can buy your favorite movies and put them on the ipad for long trips. My son (turning 3 in a few weeks) is also a big fan of music videos.

  13. Otterbox! My kids have dropped mine and it is still great!

  14. Special Words app, work on matching, reading, easily customizable.

  15. Special Words app, work on matching, reading, easily customizable.

  16. Gosh, your pictures and captions are always so great. :)

    Millie says she is very jealous of Addison's pigtails and hair in general!

  17. The gumdrop case is fantastic! We have two children and they have yet to destroy ours! The website it

    It comes in a bunch of colors!

    Kirsten Normal, IL

  18. Cate is 6 yrs old and is a master ipad user already. We have an otterbox and its survived alot already. We use the Reflex series case because its a family ipad and that case offers good protection but its still pretty slim and can be taken off easily if needed. The Defender series case is what i use on my iphone and its been AWESOME. I might recommend that one for Addison since it offers even more protection but is bulkier. And make sure you get a screen protector on there pronto - for that I recommend seeing if there is a kiosk in the mall that does it because getting on a do it your self on without bubble is a huge challange. Any app by Duck Duck Moose is great for little ones.

  19. I would also recommend the gumdrop case. LOVE it. IMO it's more protection than an ottercase but that's a good second choice. We've used both.
    Here's a website with some good apps


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