Friday, January 27, 2012

don't let the diagnosis fool you...

Addison is extremely good at problem solving.

Exhibit A: We set up her picnic table as a road block of sorts for the little girl who kept just crawling out of the room during therapy. She looked at us like "duh" and then deftly wedged her body underneath the picnic table and elbowed her way to freedom. "I DON'T WANT to be here and I'll escape anyway possible!"

Exhibit B: She was helping me pack away some Carter clothes in tupperwares that she somehow knew were leaving the house...and after I had put her down for her nap and was refolding the clothes I discovered a tiny pair of pink glasses that had been "stored" under a pile of clothes in a sealed container. "Hehehehe...and that's the last I'll see of THOSE."

Exhibit C: I was bribing her to take steps by holding out a chocolate Hershey kiss in front of her and she broke free, crawled away from me and found a dish holding LOTS of Hersey kisses hidden behind a lamp on the other side of the room. "Are you really expecting me to WORK for one piece of chocolate when I secretly discovered an entire STASH? Puhleez."

Exhibit D: She will do ANYTHING at the promise of Signing Time. Including give the annoying little bother a kiss.

Exhibit E:
Today she helped her friends make some sugar cookies
and then enjoyed one after nap time.
(she was especially a fan of the pink frosting)
"Oh sweet nectar of the gods"
 She was pretty ticked when she was told only ONE cookie. I could see her wheels turning..."How do I get some more of that frosting...hmmmm"
Her plan? 
Sneakily hanging around while I was loading the dishwasher.
Waiting until I looked away....
And then diving in.
Pretty happy with her sugar-high self, she lapped up the pink frosting as quickly as possible because she knew I would notice her sooner rather than later.
Her guilty lips formed "NO" in response to my reaction
and she helped herself to more...waiting for me to physically drag her away..."mmmmmm LUV me some pink frosting"
Seriously this kid is so smart...she knows how to get what she wants. #I'mInSoMuchTrouble

p.s. Addison would like to wish a very happy birthday to both of her Grandmas


  1. girl? you are cracking me UP with that "no" face. such a delicious stinker you are. oh, for seven seconds of squeeze time with you...what i wouldn't give...

  2. Um, that is AWESOME!! HAHA!!! She is hilarious lol lol lol! Her little personality is the cutest!!

  3. That is hysterical! She is adorable!

  4. LOL! "Little bother"! hahaha, she's keeping you on your toes and the rest of us on the floor laughing. Way to go, Addison =D

  5. What a little stinker! I about died seeing her lick the icing from the dishwasher. We needed to get Ellie and Chubbs together. Just imagine the chaos!

  6. Hahaha...Chubbs kills me! I can't believe she was licking the spoon in the dishwasher, priceless!!! lol

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  8. Oh my what a smart cookie...LOL! I cannot believe that she did that. That little girls goes and gets what she wants. I think you might be in a LOT of trouble!

  9. Never a dull moment!

    Happy birthday, fellow grams!

  10. I love that you got pictures of that hilarious sequence of events! Thanks for the smile!

  11. licking the stuff in the dishwasher is hilarious!!! She is too smart and adorable!!! LOVE!!!

  12. Oh my! How is it that I've been reading DS blogs for over a year and JUST found this one? Because it's hilarious. And she is a TOTAL DOLL... I mean, a doll who is licking stuff in the dishwasher, but a total doll.

  13. I love these pictures. :-)
    I just wanted to tell you that I FINALLY got around to downloading Kindle for Mac so that I can read your ebook. I read about half of it just this morning, and it is really neat - a blessing and encouragement. Your honesty about your feelings and thoughts is really astounding. I don't know if I would be that brave!
    A lot of it really hits home since Josh and I are expecting. Every time I read your blog or I think of you and Addison (and now Carter too), I am reminded that God has just the perfect child all designed for every couple, and that is just an amazing thing!
    Thanks for sharing your heart!

  14. Oh, Chubbs! Thanks for making my morning! And I suspect that your mommy wasn't quite as quick to get you away from the beaters, judging by the number of pictures. But I won't tell anyone. And Deanna, I also wanted to comment on your ebook. It rocks. I've only been following you for less than a year, so it was great to read some of your earlier posts and to see your progression. I love the honesty and seeing how far you've all come.

  15. you have to wear sweaters inside too?

  16. oh my word- those last photos- BAHAHAHA!!!!!! those need to be in a photo contest somewhere!

  17. Addison just makes me smile! I enjoy very much reading about all her adventures!

  18. Leaning into the dishwasher to get something off of the beaters sounds like something I would do, but with cake batter. ;)

  19. And isn't it awesome that we get to celebrate that naughty streak!!! She is awesome!!


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