Monday, January 2, 2012

Death by Clothes

Shhhhh, don't tell my husband that I'm hiding back in Carter's room with my computer.

Why am I hiding, you ask?

It all started with

"Hey, have you noticed that we can't see the floor in our room anymore?"

and then

"Hey...I can't get the door open because of all of the stuff in the way"

and then

"Addison where are you? I know you're in our room somewhere, but I can't find be a love and give a little cry?"

We have been working on simplifying and organizing our house the past few months (big pause for birth of Carter) and our bedroom was up next....and BOY did it need help!

We have spent the morning making TRASH/GOODWILL/WASH piles...and I am exhausted and we are only halfway through....thus the hiding in Carter's room trying to fill my head with fun bloggy/facebook things to get me through another four hours of this...sigh.

Side note: I just threw away a pair of flipflops that had interchangeable leather flowers...I cringe with shame that I ever wore them....and then hung on to them for SIX YEARS...gulp

My husband called me a packrat, but he's hardly one to talk...his side of the room is JUST AS BAD.

But I feel I should be given a little slack...after all I have

1. Pre-pregnancy clothes
2. Winter maternity clothes for Addison
3. Post Addison pre Carter clothes
4. Summer maternity clothes for Carter
5. Post Carter clothes

and of course for each of those categories there are

1. work clothes
2. casual clothes
3. workout clothes
4. church clothes
5. just because clothes

is it any wonder that our room has spun completely out of control???? A girl's gotta keep up with all of the changes size-wise with pregnancies and such for whatever occasion might come her way.

(but strangely enough....I have NOTHING to wear...that fits me, anyway. I hate these in between weight phases)

Working on getting back to wearing pre-pregnancy (Addison) clothes, but some of those clothes just need to be tossed anyway. Even though I might get back to that size, my shape is now all different, so I'm biting the bullet....

and throwing/giving SO MANY CLOTHES away (insert gasp of surprise) and packing maternity clothes away (far, far away)

Both kids are sleeping...going to need some serious coffee to be able to continue this operation without just lying down on a stack of clothes and closing my eyes for a bit...

I hear my husband coming down the hall...time to pretend that I was looking up new methods of folding online...

until later (if I survive this, that is)

and no, I didn't take a before was just THAT embarrassing...I couldn't do it...

Carter is now judging me for hiding out in his room...time to get back to work. sigh.


  1. haha. I always do that...quick! shut the computer. Dishes. yes, I was doing dishes!

  2. You are so funny.:)I need to do the same thing in our bedroom.:)I am always amazed at what a big boy Carter is as my Mercy seems so much littler at least in pictures.
    I totally understand the nothing fitting right wardrobe.I have one too.Goodwill is one of my favorite places to shop.Maybe I will see you there someday??I have bags garbage bags of stuff to bring.In fact I try to bring a bag each time I go.Anyway,it was fun as always to read your post.

  3. You need a "like" feature on your blog. :)

    I think the two kid thing has totally overwhelmed me in clothes. Honestly, two coats, two hats, two matching pairs of everything, two sets of just never ends. :)

  4. Did I read that your husband is helping you? Wow! I get so overwhelmed and then I have to call my girlfriends who take over and "get er done!"

  5. To die by clothes... such a heavenly way to go! :)

    I am with you on the various size thing: pre-pregnancy, maternity, post-maternity, slightly slimmer, slightly heavier, summer, winter, fall and spring collections! Sheesh.

    I say sort and keep until you are for sure done with babies. I like to keep some loose fitting stuff around for special times of the month when I am a beast. :)

    Good luck to you!!!

  6. My cleaning before therapy technique is to throw everything upstairs and vaccuum the floor! Now I'm trying to clean the upstairs. Also, where did you apply for the grant for Addison's Ipad?


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