Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Bunny Hill's Lindsey Vonn

Once upon a time, there was a family who loved to ski.

And when they had a little girl who came sportin' a little something extra, they worried that she wouldn't be able to share the family's love for the snowy slopes.

But one day, there was a tiny pair of skis
 and a girl wearing a tiny pair of boots
 and a ski instructor who bore the name "Daddy".
 Being  more than thrilled to give this whole "skiing thing" a try
the little girl placed herself in her Daddy's capable hands.
 She stood all on her own and was happy
 (as long as Daddy kept her moving)
 on those magical things called skis.
 Being a natural
 (of course)
 the little girl perused the ski hill and imagined herself at the top one day (soon).
 But for today?
she was quite happy to take her little determined face to the bottom of the hill and practice using those legs like a true Vermonter
 "we're going to need to do this again" she said earnestly
 to Daddy and Mommy.
 Wrapping up the day with a giant bouncy castle,
 a bad case of hat hair,
 and a Signing Time DVD

The whole family agreed, "We should do this again....soon."

(Except for Carter who was at Gwampa and Gwandma's house screaming loudly protesting that he was not part of the day's expedition)

the end


  1. what a great skiing adventure!!!

  2. What delightful narrative! So glad it was a good experience.

  3. Looks like a great time! Quite the natural! Bet she slept well that night!!!

  4. Um, those are some of the cutest baby pictures I have ever seen!!

  5. Gwampa can't wait to be able to ski with Chubbs. She looks like she is ready for the "Oh my gosh drop" trail.....

  6. it looks like she loved skiing as much as she loved having mommy and daddy all to herself! great post - i'm already seeing her sweep back and forth down the mountain....

  7. Adorable pictures and she is much better at the skiing thing then I am.:)

  8. love the pictures
    my dream is for Cate to ski!! but living where it snows once every 2 years I'm guessing I'll have to wait a while longer!

  9. Seriously the things you do with Addison never stop amazing me!!! Really falling behind here with Maddison! Just her eating a granola bar impressed us!

  10. I LOVED these pictures, Deanna! They are priceless! Love the story, too!

  11. What a milestone!!! She has a patient teacher and an enthusiastic group of supporters - of course, she'll do great!

  12. She is so adorable!!! Love your blog!!!

  13. Without a doubt, this is one of the most incredibly wonderful posts I've ever read in Blog Land!! Your daughter is beautiful and is so blessed to have been into such a loving family. I have no doubt that she'll be racing down those slopes in no time at all!! God bless you all. xoxo

    ~ Wendy

  14. that is so cool! I don't even know how to ski, jealoooous!!!! oxoxx

  15. This is the most awesome thing I've seen in a long time! Rock on Addison - you'll be hitting the big slopes in NO time!


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