Saturday, December 17, 2011

rock-a-bye baby

There is nothing more amazing than a sleeping baby.

Long eyelashes brush chubby cheeks while perfectly formed nostrils gently move with each breath intake. Muffled coos come from pursed red lips while perhaps dreaming of that next feeding. A small body slowly moves up and down, up and down as air moves in and out-showing signs of life in the tightly swaddled, still form.

I stand over my baby's crib and observe all the things that I love most about him and think about how truly blessed I am that he is mine. I wish for him to be awake to smile his devilsh grin and laugh his infectuous giggle.

I can still feel his arms wrapped around my neck and smell his warm, milky breath on my cheek. My ears are ringing from previous cries which create the newest accompaniment to my life's soundtrack.

I see the red mark on his face where his sister smacked him with Daddy's shoe and the tiny bit of craddle cap that is still healing in his scalp. The intense stare down from his blue eyes and determined pushing from his strong legs as he works himself into trouble flashes to mind.

Marveling in his perfection, I thank the Lord for sending me my not-so-little baby Carter. I name each roll of fat (this takes a while) in thankfulness that he is mine to nurture and love.

I catch a whiff of my sweatshirt and realize it's still soaked in his latest vomit adventures from two hours ago and once again I think

"There is nothing more amazing than a sleeping baby."

It gives me a chance to reflect on what I love most about him (and actually miss him), but also...

It means that I CAN SLEEP...and there ain't nothin' better than that. ahhhhhhh sleep.......


  1. and mama needs her sleep. sweet dreams. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. I've named all of my fat rolls too!
    I used the names from the lost forgotten show Just the 10 of Us...


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