Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mommy Grinch

I usually love Christmas- I really do. But something about having to keep up with two baby schedules on top of attending Christmas parties and such makes me feel positively Grinchlike.

Seriously, my heart shrinks and my skin tints pickle green.

I've spent the last four months fighting and wrestling with sleep schedules, and we've finally settled into a pretty decent routine.

But as soon as the apple cart is upset...things fall apart.

A Christmas party last night is why Addison spent her entire therapy session this morning lying on the floor rubbing her eyes and Carter cried and cried last night- wanting to fall asleep but too tired. sigh.

It doesn't make sense to get a sitter for family Christmas parties because the kids are part of the family and I feel it's part of their Christmas experience (and besides, the ones coming up...who would babysit on Christmas Eve and Day?)

So yeah, I feel like a Grinch. I want to stay home- put Addison down at 6, Carter down at 7 and get some sleep myself. (#Selfish) Two babies under two is exhausting and a lot of work and best taken care of in the comfort of your own home...

I think maybe this is why Skype was invented. Put a computer in the corner of the Christmas party and we'll participate that way (hey, it's calorie free that way too). Or perhaps I'll set up a computer on each of the sleeping babies and do a Skype split screen so that the partygoers can ooh and ahh from a distance while my kids stay on the blessed Schedule (I am a BIG schedule person...in case you haven't already picked up on that).

I was thinking such whiny thoughts last night and dreading the next party when I saw a friend posted a video on facebook about a child's last Christmas due to leukemia. sniff sniff. Because of Addison's history of transient leukemia and the possibility of it returning, that sort of thing always gets to me.

Looking at my sweet babies asleep in their respective cribs (finally) I stopped complaining that it was so hard to enjoy a family Christmas party when consoling Carter and worrying about who has Addison and if she's being trampled on the floor somewhere. I blinked sleepy eyes because of our disruptive schedule the past week due to Christmas and wiped away tears of thankfulness.

I have two beautiful, healthy children that I love more than I could ever have imagined. If something were to happen to either one of them, I would be completely devastated and wish I had taken advantage of each moment like "Remember that Christmas when..."

(And also, I'm so thankful to have family here that we can have parties with. These special times are a lot of work, but very important that we make them happen. Especially since losing a grandparent last week I was reminded how important family is and sacrificing to be with them- you can't get that time back.)

Truth is, Addison and Carter will most likely not remember this Christmas and each party, but I will. And if at the next party they say hello, open a present and then immediately get put down to avoid overstimulation and over tiredness (like happened last night), they won't care and will make all of us happier in the morning.

Here's to quality family time.....

What's your secret for keeping your kids on schedule while attending family Christmas parties?

The most comfortable signing time position (obviously)
my little chunk-a-lunk
I was addressing the Christmas cards before Addison got up from her nap yesterday (no remarks about why they weren't already sent out.gulp) and she somehow got her grubby paws on them right after she was done eating. (See the dirty tray?) yikes. When your Christmas card comes in the mail, give it a little lick -strawberry yogurt???
clearly enjoying his first Christmas...
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  1. If we are going out and know it is the girls' bedtime, we ask the host to please allow a place for them. We bring the pack 'n play and put Margot down wherever we go... I know not all kids sleep in strange places, but since she knows her bed, she goes down pretty well.

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!

  2. I could take my daughter anywhere and she would sleep whereas my son had to have his crib. I stayed home as often as possible!

  3. Don't feel badly about not having your cards sent out yet; I haven't sent mine and I don't have two children to take care of! I figure that as long as they arrive around the Christmas season, it's okay. :-) I think time on Guam skewed my sense of time and the importance of getting cards to the US on time!

  4. I called yesterday to see how they survived, but couldn't get you. I'm so sorry, but I do remember those days very well. We'll do better for Christmas Eve and following.....I promise. Maybe Addison can do a sleepover!

  5. We usually end up leaving Christmas parties early :(...I left one early last night because Russell was falling asleep and if he fell asleep at 7pm that would be a NAP for him and I didn't feel like staying up till 1am with him so I bailed.

    Hahaha, Chubbs cracks me up! What a great position for signing time :)

  6. Honestly, Carter gets cuter and cuter everday!!

  7. Goodness, I know how it is- obviously not with 2 babies, but any kind of obligation is always met with, "Is that Millie's naptime? Is it past her bedtime?" She's in charge of much more than she knows!

  8. Holden loves Carter's shirt...

  9. I was talking with a friend the other day who asked if we were going to try for a third and my honest answer was "I'm finally not tired all the time so I don't think so". It's hard to have two babies back to back and it requires A LOT of time just spent at home because it's easier and less stressful. I feel like I've spent the last 3.5 years at home catering to my babies schedules so that sleep schedules are disturbed and routines are out of wack. Now that Sutter's almost two I finally feel like we can stay out a little later or change the schedule without paying for it the next day.

    It will get easier I promise!


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