Friday, December 16, 2011

Gingerbread Houses and Reindeer Babies

First of all, a giant THANK YOU for all of you who linked up(or left in the comments) a Christmas cookie exchange recipe! I know that all of you are very busy this time of year mothering, shopping and that you took the time to share your baking ideas with us means just that much more. I am leaving the linky open for ONE WEEK, so if you find yourself putting your Christmas goodies together and want to share, we would love to see!

Second of all, a while back I stocked up on two Carters Christmas outfits for the kids (I took a gamble with a 9 month one for Carter...and it fit. gulp.) Yesterday while out and about, I found two matching hats at Gymboree and completed the outfits....I found myself overwhelmed cuteness with this baby:
and this toddler:

But before I show you more of those pictures, remember the naked gingerbread house that I showed up on the cookie exchange post? Well, a decorating party, lots of laughs, time with awesome friends is now decorated!

For some odd reason, I have a strange love affair with building and decorating gingerbread houses (completely from scratch). Am I good at it? nope. But every year I get better (not counting last year's that collapsed due to a rookie mistake) and every time Christmas rolls around my fingers get itching to try yet another gingerbread house.

Gingerbread house parties are one of my favorite things. (it takes two days prior to the party to prep the houses to make sure that collapsing isn't going to happen...yes I learned this the hard way)

Anyway, here is the finished product. My house is the one with the chocolate roof. (-:
The back of the houses.
When her house was starting to look more awesome than mine, things might have gotten a touch heated...(I have a lifelong struggle with a lethal dose of competitiveness)
No gingerbread house was hurt in the making of this post.

Anyway...back to the two little reindeer...
Is it just me or do they really look like siblings in this picture?
HAHAHA...I LOVE this picture.
This is how Carter sits in the Bumbo seat...he very aggressively throws his head back because he prefers to stand...he is such a stinkin' over achiever...
(Addison took off Carter's hat and then she very carefully put it back on him like this. lol)
Right about now I'm wishing that I could redo my Christmas cards...

Happy final weekend before Christmas! Maybe it's because it's unseasonably warm here for Vermont, but it doesn't seem possible that it's already a week away from Christmas!!!!

p.s. did you notice that I now have a blog button??? (Thanks to my friend, Erika) Check it out at the far top right...and feel free to share it!


  1. I found your blog awhile back from Patti Rice and just had to tell you ...those are ADORABLE outfits...LOVE the pics :)

  2. Oh Deanna, you are getting much better at the gingerbread house thing....WOW!!!

    Love the pics of the children!

  3. Those pics are soooooo adorable! Love Addison's expressions!

  4. Those gingerbread houses came out great.:)I have always wanted to make one from scratch too but have not ever tried.:)I LOVE the hats and the kids are too adorable....I was just in Gymboree last week,and bought the cutest little shoes for my baby.I was looking for a skunk hat they carried last summer but they were totally gone.:(Wish I had seen the deer.:)

  5. Beautiful houses! I tried a kit last year and it was a disaster.

    Addison's eye surgery worked beautifully! Such precious children.

  6. Hoping to find time today to link up to your cookie exchange!
    Love the gingerbread houses...I can just see you and Chubbs competing against each other in years to come...Cant wait for those pictures!! Haha

  7. OMG!! Carter has that "Holy cow, she is really a goof!" look on his face in a few of those shots! Or then there's the "Sister? Nope, I don't have a sister!" LOL Merry Christmas Deanna & Family!!!


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