Thursday, December 1, 2011

Addison Conducts Choir of One

I've been silent this week. Truth is, I've been overwhelmed by equal amounts of stress and baby cuteness.

The stress part I'm not going to go into (who wants to be a downer?)...but the cuteness part?

I gladly share:

First sibling bath (We were having problems with Addison pooping in the tub EVERY night, so we added a little peer pressure, called him the lifeguard and a miracle more tub far)
 Carter getting a picture with his namesake. Charles Henry (great grandpa) and Carter Henry (CH and CH)
 handsome little guy (I've already decided that no woman will ever be good enough for him...I just might be THAT mom...working on it...sort of)
 loves music
and remember how I'm always saying that Addison loves to dance and that I'm trying to capture it on video but she stops as soon as I pull my camera out? Well, the dancing has evolved into conducting...

and conducting the wall has turned into conducting her brother...choir of one. (once again, I was only able to capture part of it as she stopped shortly after realizing I was taping her but this happens almost every time music comes on in our house and goes on for quite a while)

I present to you: The Choir of Addison
Hmmm...future conductor?


  1. it! she is seriously the cutest little girl ever deanna...if things don't work out with russell camden is in line! ;) he also likes to go potty in the tub...and I HATE IT! haha...we finally put a toddler potty by the tub and taught him the sign for potty...we watch him SO closely and move him to the potty when he is in position...haha he has gone on the potty twice...the tub is definitely winning the, but he has started signing potty before he assumes the poop position now! haha WHY DO THEY LIKE THE TUB!?

  2. That video of Addison is PRICELESS! Love!

  3. Poop in the there anything worse??? Not really in my opinion! It is what prompted Sutter to start using the potty so it could have it's positive effects?!

    Carter is cuter than the gerber baby...he just has the most precious face!

    So fun to see your two little ones together, it reminds me of when my boys were little. It can be very tiring but it goes by so fast! Before you know it they'll be stealing toys from each other and causing each other bodily harm (on purpose).

  4. Haha...Chubbs and Russell have the same sweet dance moves! Russell is all about the arm movements! lol

    Carter is ADORABLE! He has the most precious little face. Love him :)

  5. So funny! And that Carter is already a heartthrob. Ow!

  6. Good grief, those kids are going to break some hearts one day! :)

  7. *LOVE* get that girl a baton :)

  8. oh my!! Your kids are sooooooo ADORABLE!! =) Love the video of Addison, I clicked on one of the other ones after it was over, she was standing on the couch laughing....HOW CUTE!!!!


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