Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I feel like I stole from Shutterfly

I realize this isn't a coupon blog, but I wanted to share with you a "cheating the system" method I discovered last Christmas.

I wanted to do personalized Chubbs calendars from Shutterfly, but was daunted at the price of $21.99 a calendar.

Then, I discovered that I could add up gifts to grow points from Pampers diapers to get a free calendar. (800 points) I don't always use Pampers diapers, but I had some gracious friends give me points they weren't using to get to 800 points (that takes A LOT of diapers, but between several moms wasn't too bad)

This year, I've been saving points all year and had enough for TWO calendars.

So, I went online and designed a personalized calendar (takes FOREVER when you have thousands of pictures to sort through) and ordered 5 copies, which should equal $109.95.

All of Shutterfly's calendars are 20% off right now.
I got an additional 20% off of my entire order using the code MMVU-2T1X-MRW7-AJHPT3 (this ends tomorrow)
I got free shipping using the code SHIP30
I got 2 free calendars using my Pampers points
I got an additional $15 off my entire order with a coupon they sent me in the mail (because of my order last year)

Total price for 5 personalized calendars (including shipping)=$27.22

That comes to $5.44 a calendar.

In my humble opinion, not too bad.

(Last year, they had a BOGO on the calendars. I haven't seen one yet this year, and that's why I went ahead and ordered mine while I could get in the additional 20%. If they do post the BOGO, you can bet that I'll be back on to buy more calendars!)

And if you are one of the recipients of these calendars (you know who you are) look away. But if you want ideas for your calendar, this is what I did for mine. (keep in mind my time was limited this year and it took me THREE DAYS just to upload all of the pictures...so no judgement please...ha.)


(Please be praying for Addison's eye surgery tomorrow. Call time is 6:30am. yikes.)


  1. I made a calendar our almost 5 month old for Christmas gifts too lol. However, I didnt have all the deals you did but still managed a reasonable price-- I do use pampers-- what are these points???

    PS- Your calendar is cute :)

  2. Gifts to Grow. There is a code on every Pampers diaper packages. If you enter them on Pampers.com you can store them up and "shop" their rewards catalog. I find the calendars to be the best deal, but there is a lot of stuff there. If you're doing Pampers anyway, you should try it!

  3. Your calendar is adorable! I hope all goes well with Addison's surgery tomorrow and she has a quick recovery. :)

  4. will pray for your sweetie's eyes! and your sanity :)


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