Monday, November 14, 2011

Addison's new hobby

Sometimes I swear that my kids read my blog.

First of all- after my last post on breastfeeding...there's Carter's response:

All of a sudden he seemed willing to give this whole breastfeeding thing another try. For certain nothing is solved, but all of a sudden he is INTERESTED which just came so out of the blue (the only reasonable explanation being that he, of course, reads my blog when I'm not looking and realizes how much I am struggling with it.)

Second- there's Addison. Oh my oh my Addison.

You have to understand that Addison was never breastfed. I always had to pump for her. She has NEVER shown interest in my- for lack of a better technical term- boobs before.

BUT as soon as I pushed PUBLISH POST, she has been doing something quite odd. At first I thought it was coincidence, but she has done it consistently over and over again ever since I posted about breastfeeding.  She'll stand or sit next to me (whatever it takes for her head to be equal with my shoulder) and then she pats my-technical term here again- boob, over and over again- much like she pats Carter when he's crying and she wants him to stop.

The first time I noticed it, we were in therapy. I was talking to her therapist and not paying attention to what Addison was doing until I glanced down and saw her patting away, soothing and comforting the jilted milk supplier (I couldn't bring myself to use the word boob again). Rather embarrassed, I waved her hand away and she moved on.

Then she did it AGAIN when we were in the grocery store. She was sitting in the front of the cart and I was talking to someone we knew and had run into. I felt the little hand going at it again and glanced down. Sure enough, with her brow furrowed and intently pursed lips, she was patting away.

Every chance she gets...she pats...with her most soothing and sympathetic expression directed its way.

And it's not like she's aiming for my shoulder and missing. Her attack is very deliberate, and she does it at the most inopportune times.

She was NEVER breastfed, so where is this coming from?


The only thing I can think of is...I should disconnect the wi-fi in those cribs since my blog posts aren't necessarily written for my children's eyes....but, before I do

A MESSAGE FROM SANTA: Children on the nice list sleep through the night so that their Mommies can sleep.

*Thank you to all of those who commented on my last post. Your encouragement and support meant so much more to me than I could ever express. Thank you!


  1. hahahah too funny the message from Santa:)

  2. hahaha...babies are so fickle with breastfeeding, cam latched right away at birth, then after his flight in the nicu he refused...feeding tubes do that i guess...then at like 2 months, after attempting multiple times a day every day since birth, he decided he would give it a go again...that lasted 2 months and after a breast infection we both decided pumping was for us haha...i will be so interested to see what the next one does. anywho, i bet little observant addison over there has been watching her brother and thinking...why don't i get to munch on those things? haha and her interest is peaked. and...i am with you on the letter to santa...although i am sure the mommy of two over there is in much greater need! maybe santa will pull through :)

  3. It is amazing how intuitive children can be. I can't count the times one of my children has said what was on my mind!

  4. Its funny how that works. Every single time I boo hoo on my blog about something Liddy isn't doing yet, before you know it she is doing what ever it was I was boo hooing about. I swear she just does it to prove me wrong lol Stubborn. Ornery. But so completely adorable that I completely forgive her. :)

  5. This just totally cracks me up because Claire has been doing the same thing! She's either patting my boobs or has her head or hand down my shirt groping me. I think she's getting me warmed up for new baby. :)


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