Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thank you/Questions?

Today's post features two outfits sent from two readers. I am extremely thankful for the help in keeping my kiddos in top fashion, so I thought I would let them model the new outfits for you. (-:

This is from Olga- who sent a box of stuff for both of the kids. This is one of my favorite suits for the little man. Thank you! I think of you often...especially whenever Addison or Carter wears one of your outfits. (-:
This is a beautiful dress sent all the way from Switzerland. Thank you Helena! (I had to add the jacket because it was a little cold here today...but the outfit was still beautiful!)
Addison LOVED it.
She also loved Carter's outfit...
Yep. Troublemaker with a capital T.
My parents are here this weekend visiting us all the way from Wisconsin! (the last time they were here I was newly pregnant with  much has changed since then!)
um Addison, what happened to your shoe?

Later this week, I'm going to do a blog post dedicated solely to questions from you. Anything you're wondering about having a child with Down syndrome...or having a baby AFTER having a baby with Down syndrome...or anything that you've been wanting to ask me but haven't had the opportunity? If you want to leave it in an Anynomous comment that is fine (or email it to me I'll answer them all together in a blog post as soon as I've collected enough questions to do so.

If you don't ask anything, I'll have to make up another super boring post all on my fire away!


  1. They look so cute! I so enjoy reading your blog-Addisons hijinks always put a smile on my face :) So how is your book coming? I would like to have a copy whenever its available!

  2. Once again, too cute! I, too, would like to hear any news on the book.

  3. Oh my word, that last one of the two of them had me on the floor. He looks traumatized and she looks soooo delighted with herself. Hysterical!


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