Monday, October 31, 2011

short and sweet

(here are the promised pictures...however I have a very unhappy Carter on my hands, so the comments are brief.)

Once upon a time,
There was a ladybug
and a pumpkin.
There was no love lost between the ladybug and pumpkin.
but they somehow manage to coexist
especially when candy is involved.
(and the mommy and daddy of the ladybug and pumpkin will NOT be eating the evening's gatherings while the innocent children they will not.)

the end


  1. So cute! I almost saw a Christmas card in there!

  2. Great pics, Deanna. Happy November (tomorrow) to you with many thanks for your daily efforts for an October to remember!! Oh how it will be missed!! :)

  3. What cutie pies! They both look great!!!

  4. Love the bug toss picture! And...I'm almost positive I read somewhere that those little Twix bars were choking hazards. Right? Didn't I read that? So, really, if I eat them I'm doing it for the squibs' safety. I'm pretty sure.

  5. I am going to miss your daily posts.Such adorable kids.I loved Addison's face as she jumps in her Daddy's arms.:)


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