Monday, October 10, 2011

plants vs babies

I am a plant killer.

Seriously, when they enter my house they better have their will in order and enjoy that first enthusiastic watering as their last meal.

I wish this wasn't the case. I wish I had a thumb that was even remotely a shade of light green.

(The only plant that has survived in my house so far is the spider plant in the bathroom....because it gets watered from long steamy showers...ahem)

My husband is a landscaper- he plants and maintains beautiful flowers, shrubs, bushes etc for so many. Since he is so busy out saving the world one green lawn at a time, I am in charge of our houseplants and front planters.

And that is why the front of our house looks like a desert wasteland and the plants inside the house have shriveled...defeated by my talentless black thumb once again.

I suppose this all began when I was much younger, insisting to my parents that I needed to get a giga pet. I thought it would solve all of my problems.When I finally got died within hours because I forgot to feed it. (good thing you can reset those things)

I then began begging for a guinea pig. I reasoned that the problem with a giga pet was that it wasn't real.

I finally got my guinea pig and after a few months I tired of it and my younger sister took over so that the poor little thing wouldn't starve.

Clearly, nurturing is not my thing.  And yet, strangely enough, motherhood has been my favorite occupation so far in my short little life. It has been a matter of great pride to me that I have managed to keep not one but TWO babies alive....

When Addison was so tiny and grew so slowly, I felt that maybe people who knew me in the guinea pig days figured that I was obviously just carrying over my bad habits into motherhood. (I worked my little fingers to the bone to keep her fed, medicined up,

So, you can imagine my relief when Carter has thus far redeemed my nurturing reputation with his speedy growth into chubbiness.

Here are my two children (both at 5 weeks). This was the day that we took Addison home from the NICU. (they were both fed with the same breastmilk by the same person...and yet notice the difference)
So, there...plants and guinea pigs. Addison's extremely slow growth was NOT because I wasn't doing my was because she burned so many calories just staying alive! So stop spreading those rumors about me. Clearly I can be a good mother and a plant killer. Silk plants were invented for a reason.....


  1. I just found your blog. I love it! Your children are beautiful.

  2. Addison looks like a little doll and her brother looks like he is growing well.They are both so cute.

  3. After reading your blog for about a week or two, it sounds as though you are an absolutely WONDERFUL mother!

  4. Screw the plants!! You have kept TWO beautiful babies alive!! You're a great Mom Deanna :)

  5. She is so precious! I love Carter's chunk. I tend to like chunky babies- maybe because I have one, lol.


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