Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Pink Walker

One of the major delays that Addison has had to deal with is learning how to walk. Because of low muscle tone, extreme flexibility and her very rough start to life with major health concerns, she has had to work VERY hard to accomplish simple milestones that a normal child wouldn't even think twice about doing.

It took her a long time to be able to pull up to stand...and then forever yet again before she was able to take simple cruising steps. She started to do that Memorial weekend (which, for the record when I said I wanted that to be a goal for her this fall, her team laughed at me saying that was a bit unrealistic because of her extra hurdles to overcome)

All summer she has been cruising around- holding on for dear life to furniture. She WOULD NOT stand for even a second independently, and she WOULD NOT take steps with her pink baby stroller. It is very light and moves forward very quickly and she couldn't keep up with it.

Her PT has worked with her faithfully...we have encouraged (and bribed) all to no avail. The harder you try to get Addison to do something...the more she refuses (even if she is capable)

The other day in therapy, Odette (her PT) was trying to get Addison to use her walker (yet again). After an hour and a half of refusing, while Odette was writing her note Addison snuck up behind her and just stood up to the pink walker and walked it almost halfway across the room....very calmly and deliberately with the air of "oh, I've always been able to do this...just chose not to."

Since then (Tuesday) I've been seeing a lot more of this:
and her independent standing has come unbelievably far even just in the last two weeks:
She is now SO CLOSE to taking independent steps..but then again, she's been close since Memorial Day, so who knows how much longer it's going to take her to get there! I am so proud of all of her progress. She has worked unbelievably hard to be able to accomplish these skills. YEAH ADDISON!!!!

The thing that I can't figure out is....
what changed her mind from extreme hatred to acceptance of her pink walker?

I guess we'll never know.


  1. Yay Addison!! That is so awesome! :)

  2. Haha, a little competition is always good!

    And she is doing excellent with her balance! Russell still pushes his walker SUPER fast on his knees, he refuses to stand and do it! lol...But he'll walk pushing other things like chairs and stuff.

    We are very proud of Miss Addison! Russell sends a big fat kiss!

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  4. That is WONDERFUL, Deanna! Carter is going to be the perfect motivation the Lord knew she needed to get a move on. Yay for both of them! :)

  5. Well done Addison! She sounds like she has a very determined personality which will help her onto her next big venture. She is adorable!
    God bless her!

  6. Looking good!!! Way to go! It looks like she will be walking very soon! My daughter was very hesitant with that baby stroller, too!

  7. Yay for Miss Addison!!!We have the same stroller.Too cute!:)

  8. oh momma...she is so close! any day now...and yay! she just knows that she has to figure things out before that little brother of hers so she can teach him all the tools of the trade. Camden is exactly the same way when it comes to learning new things, he refuses he refuses even if he can do it, until one day he just decides he is ready and does whatever it was we have been begging for. i think he just likes to wait until he knows he has it before he decides to show it off...

  9. You are so funny! Sibling rivalry at its best.

    Good for Addison! Alway hope for more and leave the experts in the dust.

  10. Great work Addison! Mine is only 9 months yet, but the stubborn streak in her is ridiculous. When we want her to do something is exactly when she refuses... hmm. Fun. But so priceless when it happens, for whatever reason that it does.

  11. Yeah Addison!!! You go big girl!!! :)

  12. yeah! Chubbs! I'm so proud of her!
    She going to do everything when she's
    ready!!! GOOOO Chubbs!!!

  13. Wahoooo Addison!! I love that last photo of Carter too on the walker. haha. So great to see her progress....slowly but surely right? It is SO HARD TO WAIT FOR THEIR MILESTONES!!


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