Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Little Luxury

Have you ever had someone do something SO over-the-top nice for you that you're immediately struck with humbleness and a feeling of unworthiness? That's happened to me a lot lately. There's something about having a brand new baby that makes you realize that not only can you NOT do it all, but you will  mostly likely fail at the few things you attempt. So as hard as it is to accept help, you know that for now it is a necessary part of survival.

I have had so many wonderful friends come forward these past weeks, ignoring their own very busy lives to help me- and that makes me feel very undeserving and thankful. (and anxious for the day that I can return the favor)

-my friend Lydia throwing me the most beautiful baby shower imagineable
-my photographer friend doing Carter's maternity/newborn pictures
-my in-laws helping us put the nursery together
-so many thoughtful gifts and meals
-sweet comments from all of you (I love and treasure each comment even if I don't always get a chance to reply back)
-and the hottest item on my list of late is Sylvia from A Little Luxury coming to my house last week to clean it!

And by cleaning it- I mean scrubbing every inch, taming the dirt and clutter- pretty much waving a magic wand over the disaster that I call home and wa-la it was PERFECT. Few things leave me speechless, but this gift really did. I mean, WOW. Nothing else can cheer someone up quite like having a totally clean, spiffy house.

Aaron came home at the end of the day, did a double take, said something about the house sparkling and then exclaimed "The house has NEVER looked this good". (I would have been offended, but it really did look just THAT nice.)

I've spoken here before about my cleaning woes and my struggle with organization. This is something that I work on EVERY DAY. And in the moment that I thought the sleep deprived fog was going to get me Sylvia swooped in and retained my sanity just that much longer by taking away a big chunk of my "to do" list- allowing me to get in that much more rest and be ready to continue on through the tunnel of newborn care exhaustion.

Sylvia is one of my blog readers and asked for no publicity for her business, saying that she merely wanted to be a blessing to me. And WAS she! I begged her to let me mention her here so that if by chance you were looking for a housecleaning/organizing service you would check out her business. I could think of no better way to thank her than perhaps if I could send some business her way.

I know a lot of you don't live locally, but if you do- please look up A Little Luxury.

(and even if you don't live locally, a great takeaway from this blog post is that this is a WONDERFUL gift for a new mom...totally remembering this one)

Sylvia officially earns "favorite blog reader of the month" (Ok, fine that's not really a thing...but that's just HOW THANKFUL I was for the amazing work she did on my house!)

(If you're scratching your head trying to figure out what this has to do with Down really doesn't...sorry to let you down...just me giving a shout out to a deserving friend and business owner.)

(oh yes, and sorry no pictures of Addison today. She requested a slight photo break...and it's just so hard to say no to that girl...which totally spells trouble for us..)


  1. too bad she's too far away to come rescue my house and sanity! what a blessing!

  2. I wish she lived near me!!! What a blessing for you!

  3. Simple comment: "like, Like, LIKE!" That was a very thoughtful gift.

  4. I'm late getting through all the blog hop friends who joined after the last time I looked! Nice to "meet" you. :o) Love the little pumpkin hat!

  5. That would be an awesome present! Very cool for you. :)

  6. What a great gift! We are hoping to move to Essex Jct soon, I will definately keep her in mind. Thanks for sharing! :)


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